The Planning Board will meet on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 in the Municipal Center Courtroom.

  • Regular Meeting

1.  Edgewater

Continue public hearing on application for Site Plan Approval, 7 residential buildings - 307 units, “Edgewater” submitted by Scenic Beacon Developments, LLC, 22 Edgewater Place (postponed to February)

2.  River Ridge - Parcel L

Continue public hearing for SEQRA Environmental Review on applications for Subdivision Approval and Site Plan Approval, public hearings on applications for Site Plan Approval, Wolcott Avenue aka “Parcel L”, submitted by River Ridge Views, LLC

3.  25 Townsend Avenue

Public hearing for SEQRA Environmental Review on application for Subdivision Approval, 13-lot residential, submitted by AK Property Holding, LLC, 25 Townsend Street

4.  446 Washington Avenue

Review application for Subdivision Approval and Lot Line Realignment, 2 residential lots into 3 residential lots, submitted by Lori Joseph Builders, Inc. & Rina Shuman, 446 Washington Avenue (postponed to February at the request of the applicant)

5.  West End Lofts

Review request to amend an existing Site Plan Approval and Subdivision Approval, West End Lofts, submitted by Kearney Realty & Development Group, Wolcott Avenue  

  • Miscellaneous Business

1.  Zoning Board of Appeals Agenda

Zoning Board of Appeals – January Agenda

2.  Beacon 248 Development

Beacon 248 Tioronda – Architectural Modification & Plan Update

3.  Review Local Law - Food Trucks

City Council request to review proposed Local Law to permit Food Trucks in the Linkage District

4.  Review Local Law - Temporary Structures for Medical Services

City Council request to review proposed Local Law to permit temporary structures for medical services

5.  Meeting Date Change

Change Meeting Date from Tuesday, February 13th to Wednesday, February 14th due to Lincoln’s Birthday – City Offices closed

  • Architectural Review