The Planning Board will meet on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 in the Municipal Center Courtroom. A work session will take place at 7:00 PM for a training workshop, discussion of agenda items and/or topics of interest to the Planning Board. The regular meeting will begin immediately thereafter, but not later than 7:30 p.m.

•Regular Meeting

1.Beekman Street

Continue public hearing for SEQRA Environmental Review on applications for Subdivision Approval and Site Plan Approval, 6 Unit Residential “Ferry Landing at Beacon”, Beekman Street, submitted by Ferry Landing at Beacon, Ltd. (adjourned until December 11, 2018)

2.554 Main Street
Continue public hearing on application to amend an existing Site Plan Approval, Residential/Professional Office/Restaurant with outdoor seating and entertainment area, 554 Main Street, submitted by Dana Collins

3.Front Street - Beacon HIP Lofts
Continue review of application for Site Plan Approval (relating to amended Special Use Permit), Artist Live Work/Self Storage, 39 Front Street, submitted by Beacon Lofts & Storage

4.234 Main Street

Review application for Site Plan Approval, 2nd Floor Addition, Retail/Office Use, 234 Main Street, submitted by 234 Main Street, LLC

•Miscellaneous Business

  1. Zoning Board of AppealsZoning Board of Appeals – November Agenda

  2. 135-137 Spring Valley StreetConsider request for two additional 90-day extensions of Subdivision Approval – 135-137 Spring Valley Street, submitted by John Milano

•Architectural Review

  1. West Center StreetSingle Family House – West Center Street

  2. 98 Rombout AvenueSingle Family House – 98 Rombout Avenue (pending submission of elevation drawings)

  3. Maple StreetSingle Family House – Maple Street (change from original approval granted May 2018)