1.  Edgewater

Continue public hearing for SEQRA Environmental Review on applications for Subdivision Approval and Site Plan Approval, and continue public hearing for Site Plan Approval, 7 residential buildings - 307 units, “Edgewater” submitted by Scenic Beacon Developments, LLC, 22 Edgewater Place

2.  123 Rombout Avenue

Public hearing on application for Site Plan Approval, multi-family residential, 123 Rombout Avenue, submitted by My Four Dghtrs Realty Corp.

3.  17 Wilson Street

Public hearing on application for Subdivision Approval, 2 residential lots, 17 Wilson Street, submitted by Jon Moss

4.  39 Front Street (Mason Circle)

Continue review of application to amend an existing Special Use Permit, Artist Live Work/Self Storage, 39 Front Street, submitted by Beacon Lofts & Storage

5.  Parcel L - River Ridge Views

Continue review of applications for Site Plan Approval and Subdivision Approval, Wolcott Avenue aka “Parcel L”, submitted by River Ridge Views, LLC

6.  788 Wolcott Avenue

Continue review of application to amend an existing Site Plan Approval, Mt. Beacon Trailhead Parking Improvements, 788 Wolcott Avenue, submitted by The Scenic Hudson Land Trust, Inc.

7.  40 North Street

Review amended applications for Subdivision Approval (2 residential lots) and Site Plan Approval (2-family house), submitted by Beacon Residential, LLC, 40 North Street


1.  Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals – Review October Agenda


1.  176 Main Street

Certificate of Appropriateness – 176 Main Street; sign

2.  445 Main Street

Certificate of Appropriateness – 445 Main Street; theater marquee

3.  Knevels Avenue - Lot #2

Single Family House – Knevels Avenue; Lot #2 of Spaccarelli Subdivision