Beaconites (and Visitors) Send In Their Favorite Views Of Beacon

We asked, and you delivered! We recently put out a call to share with us your view of Beacon. This is in light of rapidly changing scenery, with the new building developments sprouting all over Beacon. The subject of “viewsheds” has come in recent City Council meetings, and that idea is playing a role on future potential developments. So, we thought we’d all enjoy looking at views we like!

Keep your photos coming! We will publish new ones here, so revisit this article and click Refresh.

To submit, email to Please state the location of the picture, and why you love it. The view can be from the street, from your porch, from your apartment, of a scenic view in the woods, anything.

Fishkill Creek, Looking South From Churchill Road

Below are images submitted by Jessica Laug, who says “This is the Fishkill Creek, looking south from the Churchill Road bridge. It’s basically our backyard and I love it in every season.”

Long Dock, Mount Beacon Casino

Enjoy these lovely views submitted by Debbie Joyce

Madam Brett Park and Denning’s Point

The photo on the left is Madam Brett Park right by the waterfall. The second is Denning’s Point. From Dan Calabrese, who says, “I love both of them because you can feel like you’re really in nature with minimal investment of time. I could literally walk to either of these places from home. Having such great, diverse nature spots in our backyard makes it easy to get in a hike even after a busy day.”

The Hudson River, As Viewed From Main Street

One of my favorite views is of the Hudson River is from Main Street. I have always liked being able to see it from 9D. The river becomes an everyday part of life. Having lived in Manhattan, the Hudson River was not part of my life, unless I was walking alongside it. Living in Beacon, with the Hudson River within easy distance, has changed my relationship with the river, bringing me closer and wanting to keep it clean and accessible.

-Katie Hellmuth Martin

Main Street (West End)

Here’s a great shot from Mary Ann Glass, who writes: “It’s the peak of spring beauty! The Bartlett Pears are a’bloom. Corner of Main and Cross Street, Rick Price’s great mural of the Hudson River  and of course RiverWinds Gallery. “