You Could Buy This Building With 2 Storefronts & 3 Apartments In Newburgh... For $389,900

If you were walking around Beacon this weekend, you may have been gazing at real estate listings taped to realtors’ windows on Main Street, and thought to yourself: “Gosh, I wish I could own something in Beacon. I wish I could buy one of these buildings.” But they are all going for $1 million, and you’re thinking: “Gosh, I really wish I could pay less, and have money left over for renovations or to hit the ground running with making it awesome.”

Your answer may be in Newburgh. Specifically at 321 Liberty Street. It’s a property that isn’t going to be listed for long. It’s going Off Market for the winter. Unlike a snowbird, it’s going to sit there until someone chirps up in the spring.

Buildings on Liberty Street in Newburgh - Kind Of Like Main Street, Beacon

Liberty Street is a pretty happening street in Newburgh. Just follow the blog Newburgh Restoration and you’ll see. Well, parts of Liberty that is. And 321 Liberty is north of this area, but close enough to be connected soon as new businesses set up shop on Liberty Street.

New businesses south of it include the cafe Blacc Vanilla and Cafe Macchiato (has changed hands a few times over the years and has a new dinner menu!), and the new bakery Newburgh Flour Shop (beware of their Instagram, you may drive over the bridge just for one pecan pie). Then there’s the Shred Foundation in Newburgh (working to introduce the youth in local rural and urban areas to snowboarding).

If you’re curious about owning and renovating buildings in Newburgh, talk to some of the current-day pioneers. Go into Newburgh Brewery and ask them all about it, and their involvement with the larger Newburgh community. Dine at Ms. Fairfax and ask for Phillip and Ellen. They can tell you about commercial and residential renovations, and their views on where the different neighborhoods are headed.

Newburgh Still In Come-Back Stages - Know Your Agent

Newburgh is very diverse with people, buildings, empty buildings, renovated buildings, abandoned buildings, beautiful homes, beautifully decaying homes, and beautifully renovated homes.

It’s quite a canvas over there. And this building probably needs work. The agent for this listing, Sarah Beckham Hooff, is up to her elbows in Newburgh, having renovated a building herself, which is what got her hooked on real estate and being involved in the community. She is a wealth of information for what is going on now, and can point you in the right direction for getting to know Newburgh better. Plus, this building at 321 Liberty Street is in a newly established area, granting tax breaks for capital gains, called an Opportunity Zone (learn more about that here).

This is your chance to participate in the revitalization of a once-thriving area of the country, centuries ago when it was Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War, as well as a shipping resource, before urban changes routed traffic out of there, leaving it to spiral downward. But it’s on a climb back up. Refresh or start your Newburgh history here.