What Is Glenham (Besides One Of Beacon's Elementary Schools)? Some Fast Facts

Slaterpalooza, a music festival at the Slater Chemical Fire Company, is coming up, so we thought it would be a good time to highlight Glenham, and what it means to Beacon. The Highlands Current also thought it a good time, as they ran a story on Glenham by Michael Turton back in August, giving a brief history and overview of the hamlet.

You should go read the article in full over there, but we pulled some Fast Facts:

  • The official population is apparently unknown, but mail is delivered to about 100 houses, and there are about 500 post office boxes, according to the article.

  • No elected municipal board, school board, police department, library, recreation or highway department is in Glenham.

  • There is a U.S. Post Office with its own ZIP code (12527).

  • Glenham is part of the Town of Fishkill, which provides most of its municipal services. But its students are in the Beacon City School District. Glenham had its own district until the 1960s, when it merged with Beacon.

  • There is a fire department! The Volunteer Slater Chemical Fire Company serves the Hamlet of Glenham in the Town of Fishkill. Sometimes the firehouse puts on fundraiser events, like Family Movie Nights (bring a pillow, camp out on the floor, buy some popcorn and candy). Fundraisers include the annual Slaterpalooza fundraiser run by Kevin McGarry, a local volunteer firefighter in Glenham. All of the proceeds from the event go to Glenham’s 100% volunteer fire department as well as local first responders in need.

Why does the firehouse have “Slater” in the name?

According to the article, the firehouse was “named for Private Jesse E. Slater, the only Glenham resident killed in World War I. Chemical was added to the name after Texaco donated a Ford Model T fire engine that used chemical foam. The historic vehicle is still seen in local parades.”