Updates Made to Events Guide - Trustee Election and Budget Vote at the Howland Public Library

albb events guide.jpeg

Many events are coming up in April, starting today with the Trustee Election and Budget Vote at the Howland Public Library, and the Citizens Preparedness Training tonight (includes prep for floods and long power outages). The next few weekends in April are jam-packed! So look ahead using A Little Beacon Blog's Event Guide!

But what about all of those events and meetings that happen on a regular basis, the same whatever day of the month? The Third Thursday? Or the Last Monday, or is it the First Monday? Who knows!? A Little Beacon Blog knows, because we started a Guide for that. It's called the Repeating Event Guide, or the Every X Day Guide. We can't decide. Got an idea for a name? Let us know in the Comments below!

Sponsor the Event Guide and reach our readers! It is one of our most popular and appreciated by the Community. Past sponsors of Guides have included the Beacon Flea Market. Thank you for your support! Find details here on our Media Kit page.