Two 2-Hour Delays and 2 Sick Kid Days Equals Blogging Logjam

When the school district calls for a two-hour weather delay for snow one day and subsequent rain the next, I've learned to let it go. It used to rile me up, being that I'm from the snow belt of Cleveland. That got me used to actual snow or frozen boilers being the reason for delays or closures. But after experiencing a reverse tizzy last year, when the district did not call a snow day on the one day that it actually did snow toward the end of the season, when all of the other districts around us did call a snow day, which compelled me to make a complaint appointment with the superintendent, I've learned to let. it. go.

Which leads us to this post, letting you know that last week's two 2-hour delays, and my son's double sick days at the start of this week, has led to a delay of some pretty good articles coming out. Normally, I'd take the 2-hour delay as bonus time for getting writing and picture uploading done, but (surprise!) I'm also newly pregnant, so I took the time to sleep in because in these early weeks, I've actually felt quite unwell when hungry! You'll find me at any grocery store re-stocking up on food, like Stouffer's Mac 'n' Cheese and a really amazing frozen chocolate mousse pie at Key Food, or the ready-made healthy food bar at the Beacon Natural Market. (One must balance the diet, after all!)

But know this: There is a Holiday Decoration Special blog post coming up — got a picture of your house all lit up? Email it to for consideration! Also on deck are a couple more articles you'll like. 

Stay tuned! In the meantime, I'll be over here co-engineering Hot Wheels tracks.