Those Cinnamon Buns...That Crumb Cake...


The tiny counter at All You Knead Bakery is always filled with curious things that come fresh from the oven in the larger space in the back of the shop. This Sunday morning at 8:30am, fresh crumb cake sat warmly next to these gooey cinnamon buns. Not included in this picture were the salty pretzel bagels.

Tempting as this all was, I was on a mission for their chocolate croissant - which I found and devoured in 4 bites because it is so soft and generously filled with dark chocolate - but not without a blueberry scone just in case anyone around me got hungry a few hours later after our Sunday errands. Turns out, I got hungry.

All You Knead Bakery is in the middle section of Main Street, just before Rite Aid and past Keyfood if you’re walking from the train. It’s across the street a bit from the Howland Public Library. It’s located behind a simple wooden screen door. If you see their sidewalk sign out, you know they are open.

On Sundays they are also at Beacon’s Farmer’s Market just down the street where they sell similar baked goods as is here at the counter, but there you may also find chicken pot pies, which I’m learning have quite a following. They also sell retail in stores like Adam, and you may find them in one of those Taste NY stores off the Taconic.

Mission next Sunday? Chicken pot pie.