The Source for Halloween Yard Art and Scary Props - A Home Depot Halloween

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After living in Beacon for several years, it has become very clear that holiday yard art is a thing. Air blown, lit up, puffed up things in the night are to be embraced. Like giant Santas, Snoopies, Grinches, and now Ghosts, Spooky Trees, and even a herd of hatching, rabid dinosaurs.

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A Little Beacon Blog has documented this for the past few years for the December holidays, when we go around Christmas Light Hunting. But we've never done it for Halloween. We've attended the unofficially named Willow Street Halloween Extravaganza aka Halloween Night of Crazy, where several of the houses on that street get really into Halloween and set up spooky houses, play eerie drums, show old movies, and generally create a street party. But we've never documented the Halloween decorations...

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Until now. Halloween has come to Home Depot in Fishkill in a big way (and probably every Home Depot in the country, but we prefer the one off of 84 in Fishkill because it's at the base of a mountain and employs some neighbors), making it really easy to access these marvelous decorations that people seem to spend years acquiring.

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We only had one bin of Halloween decorations, but after stopping into Home Depot one weekend this September, our lives were forever changed. Being that we have kids, it was as exciting as going into a haunted house. When their grandparents visited from out of town, the kids wanted to take them to Home Depot to visit "the Halloween section." We needed to set a Halloween Budget so that we would stop getting asked what they could buy.

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So we set the budget and made a plan. Tough choices were made. Spooky things with effects like The Three Witches were cut from the must-have list. Electric things that made noise were assembled. We are now ready for our Very Beacon Halloween (a Beacon Chamber term, but that's what it feels like when getting into the yard-art spirit). For the first time, I want to stay home to hand out candy in order to represent at our spooky home.

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Kids can pick up the phone outside of your door, and hear a spooky message...

For the glue gun enthusiasts, you could webcast your home...

For the glue gun enthusiasts, you could webcast your home...

For the glue gun enthusiasts, you could webcast your home...

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Instant-mega-deecoration with these lights. At holiday time they have taken off in Beacon, but for Halloween, you can have creepy ghosts flying around the siding of your house.

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You must go into Home Depot to experience this actual 3D TV. Just turn the dial, and wait. It's actually about 7 seconds too long, but next year maybe they will edit it back. Wait for the effect of this creepy face popping out...

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And for those who just want a little Halloween Pretty, there is the black wreath with glitter silver spiders and ribbon.