The Love Story Behind The Bar In A Little Beacon Space


Upon reflecting on my favorite aspects of A Little Beacon Space in the Telephone Building, I came upon a certain detail about the bar that sits in the front left corner of the office. Did you know that there is a love story behind the bar in A Little Beacon Space? It’s one of the signature pieces in this office, and one that I thought came with the room when I was considering renting it. Turns out it was commissioned by the former occupiers of this space (the Nixie Sparrows), it was designed and built by Brian Kolb of Falls Woodsmith, and if I wanted the bar to stay, I needed to buy it. So I did.

One day, a fellow website creator, Courtney Kolb (formerly Urciuoli) aka @hudsonvalleycompass, met with me to talk about a website she built, Wappingers Rises. As we chatted at the bar, she said: “You know, I met my husband thanks to this bar.”

What? Here’s Courtney’s Story Of “How We Met,” Thanks To The Bar:

The signature on the wood bar in A Little Beacon Space. Created by  Falls Woodsmith .

The signature on the wood bar in A Little Beacon Space. Created by Falls Woodsmith.

“I needed a dining room table made for a project I was working on - I was buying my great-grandma’s house in Beacon to live in as my personal home - and I asked Meg (Lawrence, former Nixie Sparrow) who made her bar. She referred Brian Kolb because I loved the bar.

“Brian came over to give me a quote. We talked endlessly, and I always say I never got a dining room table, instead I got the best life. My engagement ring was from the first renovation we did in Beacon. An old flooring nail that he set his grandma’s diamond in. I’m pretty sure I’m the one that pulled the nail out because I pulled all the floor nails out 😂😂 Yes, he set it himself and sealed it . 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

“Fast forward and we’re married, eating on the same Ikea dining room furniture I’ve had since college. The very one I wanted to replace when I originally contacted him 5 years ago. I’ve since left corporate America and work with Brian as a husband/wife team restoring homes for our business, Falls Woodsmith. We’ve completed nine huge projects since that first meeting, including several home renovations in Beacon and Wappingers. Our next project, 14 Water Street, Beacon, hits the market May 15!”