The Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese-inator: Where to Find a Breakfast Sandwich in Beacon

The time has come to explore the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich options in Beacon. We're calling it "The Bacon-Egg-and-Cheese-inator" because I've been watching too much Odd Squad, and I view all breakfast sandwiches as a key resource to starting the day on the right foot. Now, you won't find a "best of" here at A Little Beacon Blog, because each can be the best in their own way for their own reasons. But the breakfast sandwich is a very important component of the day, and every element - the type of cheese, bread, packaging and price - can make or break it.

Personally, I make my own breakfast every day. And it consists of buttery scrambled eggs with cheddar melted in, a buttered English muffin with jam (or honey if I run out of jam), and that's it. Anything that veers from this breakfast can send my day in a different direction. Therefore, these breakfast sandwich rundowns are crucial for knowing which one to pick.

Which Breakfast Sandwich Will Make Your Day?

Mr. V's Deli

The bacon, egg and cheese sandwich standard in Beacon, which all breakfast sandwiches around here are held to. This is served on an English muffin with loads of bacon, cooked in such a way that no one else can quite recreate in their own pans. (Maybe Mr. V's is baking it?) Wrapped in wax paper to catch the drippings of American cheese, then in another layer of tin foil to keep it piping hot - and I mean so piping hot that you need to wait a while before eating this small but powerful sandwich.

Special to This Sandwich: The melted American cheese and a ball of crispy bacon. Melted American hits a spot, not sure why.
Call-ahead-inator: I actually do not use my call-ahead-inator, though most people do phone in their orders. You could eat in Mr. V's, but you have two tables to choose from, and you may need to help someone reach a favorite bags of chips. Mr. V's is a fine source for a bag of chips, a required sandwich accompaniment for many people. I actually walk down to Mr. V's to place my order, then wait and watch their TV or talk to people inside.
Location: 297 Main Street, near Beacon Karate and Royal Crepes
Price: $2.75

Side Note: The Price of the Sandwich

Let's take a moment to talk about the price of breakfast sandwiches. When you're ordering a breakfast sandwich, you're either in a rush and just need the food the way you need it, or you're relaxing on a weekend morning, out at breakfast with your friends. The price will probably reflect that, because the restaurant has either invested in their atmosphere, or they want to cook a high volume of food to serve as many hungry customers as possible. Then, and you can debate which is the most important part, is the source of the ingredients. Are they Portlandia-style and from a nice local farm? Or are they from Oscar Mayer? You'll find either one in my fridge at all times; it just depends on what I'm craving.

Stock Up

The new guy in town, Stock Up started serving breakfast recently from their location on Teller Avenue that used to be Copper Roof Deli. Stock Up is also a deli, but they procure their own meat and sprout their own grains in the basement. This sandwich comes on ciabatta bread with egg, cheddar cheese and bacon. If you like extremely salty bacon like I do, then this sandwich will hit the spot. And for those who like ketchup with their eggs, this breakfast sandwich is served with a spicy house blend of ketchup called Mount Beacon Sauce (you could ask for it on the side if you wanted to try it first). Also, if you were craving a bit of fruit, this sandwich comes with a side! This day, I was craving vegetables, so I got to pick the tomato and cucumber salad. Bonus!

Special to This Sandwich: In addition to being delicious overall, the bacon is pretty smokin' good. Also, the side helps make the meal more well-rounded. Sometimes after a breakfast sandwich, you need a little more of something.
Call-ahead-inator: Since Stock Up isn't within walking distance from my house, I would call ahead if I were eating it at the office or at home. But there is plenty of room to dine inside or out.
Location: 29 Teller Avenue, near the monument of George Washington on Wolcott Avenue.
Price: $8

Beacon Bagel

A favorite of many, this compact bagel can surround two eggs and slices of cheese quite snuggly and deliciously. Notice the tin foil wrap, helping to complete and sustain the melt of the cheese. You could possibly skip lunch when you eat this sandwich.

Special to This Sandwich: Well, the bagel of course. And once again, the melted American cheese.
Call-ahead-inator: Yes. I always get this sandwich when I'm headed to the train, going for a long drive, or getting my hair cut at The Green Room (I eat it while I'm in foils) - even though it's very messy to eat, especially in the car. But that doesn't matter, because messy sandwiches - and burgers - are usually signs of it being good. If I were headed to Beacon Bagel with my family, I would not call ahead, but we would wait next door by playing at Echo.
Location: 466 Main Street, near Echo
Price: $4.86

Harry's Hot Sandwiches

Not quite the new guy in town anymore, especially after getting featured in Valley Table, Harry's Hot Sandwiches does have a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich! Served on a soft and sweet kaiser roll, a la your favorite New York City bodega, it is very easy to eat. A benefit to this sandwich is that Harry's delivers. You may have seen him whizzing by on his big cart.

Special to This Sandwich: The soft kaiser and melted cheese.
Call-ahead-inator: Yes if I'm on the go, no if I'm with friends or family. Eating in Harry's is very pleasant and can happen at Harry's bar or at tables.
Location: 449 Main Street, near the Beacon Theatre and across the street from Ella's Bellas
Price: $5.95

The Yankee Clipper Diner

A staple for many, including several mayors of Beacon, The Yankee Clipper Diner has the simple bacon, egg and cheese sandwich that you seek, and will include ketchup packets for those who can't image ketchup coming from anywhere else. Confession: When dining at an eatery that features house-made ketchup, I have been known to BYOK (bring your own ketchup) when eating with kids because they can't manage ketchup that is ... different. (Related: I also have been known to BYOMS - bring your own maple syrup - because I can't stand corn syrup, and Cracker Barrel just tricks you into thinking you are pouring 100 percent maple syrup because of how they label it. Check it out next time you're in there. I go often, btw, and also shop their gift store for birthday gifts and seasonal decorations.)

Special to This Sandwich: You decide. Maybe the ketchup?
Reader Note 9/18/16: One reader likes asking for sautéed spinach on this sandwich.
Call-ahead-inator: Yes if I'm on the go, no if I'm with friends or family.
Location: 397 Main Street, across the street from Beacon Pantry and the remodeled gas station
Price: $5.95

Beacon Pantry

Beacon Pantry serves only items they have perfected, and they are usually European. Hence this Croque Monsieur, which doesn't immediately come to mind as a breakfast sandwich. It's an inside-out sandwich, in that the Gruyère cheese is melted on the outside. Inside is French ham (not bacon but I made an exception for this article because it's all pork), with the traditional béchamel sauce, which is a white roux and milk blend that is mysteriously very good. It does not have an egg, but its sister the Croque Madame would. Beacon Pantry, however, does not serve the egg version because of how their kitchen is set up.

Special to This Sandwich: The melted and slightly burnt edges of Gruyère cheese are kind of beyond delicious. Plus the salad is a bonus. The salad really completes it as a meal and gives you that "clean eating" feel.
Call-ahead-inator: Dining at Beacon Pantry is so pleasant, that I don't usually use my call-ahead-inator. Plus, they allow for digital workers like me to work on our laptops. So it's like a price of entry to sit on the wi-fi for a bit.
Location: 382 Main Street, Across the Yankee Clipper Diner and next door to the remodeled gas station at the intersection of Fishkill Avenue
Price: $10

PS: All breakfast sandwiches were ordered and consumed for the purposes of this article, for breakfast, lunch, and one for dinner.

PPS: If you run an eatery and serve a breakfast sandwich that was not shown here, then email us at so that we can try it! No purposeful omissions were made in the collection of breakfast sandwiches to try.

Reader Suggestions Since This Was Published: BJ's bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on a biscuit, Beacon Bread Company, and Bob's Mountain Grocery near Mount Beacon.

This article is sponsored by A Little Beacon Blog's  Restaurant Guide  and  Brunch Guide.

This article is sponsored by A Little Beacon Blog's Restaurant Guide and Brunch Guide.

Photo Credits: All photos were taken by Katie Hellmuth Martin.