The Beacon Bite Truck Powers Down For Last Time

The Beacon Bite food truck, known for its bright red color and creative fancy food.

Thursdays are an unofficial kickoff to the weekend, but making that even more so were the hours at The Beacon Bite food truck: They fired up on Thursday and stayed open through the weekend. Thursdays are a little bit empty now, as The Beacon Bite announced via their Facebook page that they have closed: "It's with a heavy heart that I must make this announcement. We are closed for business. Thanks for the three years of support. Especially our regulars. Keep eating local."

The dishes coming out of the food truck were inspired by Far East travels, sophisticated flavors, and food and flowers that were in season. Locals have been lamenting the loss through comments on The Beacon Bite's Facebook page:

Arabella Champaq "Thank you Josh and Dalton for all the yumminess you brought to our street. I will miss Beacon Bite, and I wish you well."

Billy Gaddam "Thanks for the amazing stuff you guys served up. Best wishes for your futures."

Mary Martha "Noooooooooo. Such great food!"

Not only did The Beacon Bite contribute to elevating the availability of amazing, locally sourced food, but they created a vibrant corner toward the east end of Main Street. They were one of the first restaurants to participate in the food composting pickup program from Zero to Go. In 2015, also parked in the lot was another mobile vendor, known as the Beacon Pie Company. Operating from a "Piecycle" (a converted ice cream–delivery bicycle), she sold homemade pie (and teased us with pie shakes!). The Beacon Bite lot is located next door to Ella's Bellas and across the street from Harry's Hot Sandwiches. The corner was home to several public art pieces, not to mention the famous strands of lights that twinkled outside at night, and small and large picnic tables for adults and kids.

Many people had their own personal Beacon Bite favorites. Mine were the lettuce wrap and fries. My own attempts to recreate them at home have been humorous. So where can you find the taste of The Beacon Bite again? If you happen to be visiting Martha's Vineyard, you can stop into The Covington, where chef and co-owner and co-operator of The Beacon Bite Josh Venne will be the sous chef. He has also been a cook for Camp Jabberwocky.

Someone will be able to carry the torch, in the form of firing up the truck again, because the food truck itself is for sale. If owning and operating a food truck is your dream, then reach out to Josh with interest by emailing

Wishing them the best of luck with new pursuits!