The ReAttached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners Showcases the Creative Opportunities in Newburgh

Many thanks to ReAttached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners, who have joined A Little Beacon Blog's Real Estate Guide as sponsors to show you a selection of their retail and commercial properties in Newburgh. If you were at Newburgh OPEN Studios this month, you may have experienced the buzzing energy over there - and gotten a creative itch to dig in. There's even a home for sale - a "TLC Heartthrob" on Beacon Street - in Newburgh! Check them out!

The ReAttached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners invests in America’s livable urban spaces. They help creative and motivated individuals define their ideal lifestyle, and understand how owning or leasing real estate in Newburgh, New York, can accelerate people’s personal, professional and financial growth. See all of the ReAttached listings and call them for tours!

Sarah Beckham Hooff founded the ReAttached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners after living abroad for 10-plus years, working as an environmental scientist, grant writer, social activist and performer. Three weeks after she discovered Newburgh, NY, she packed up and relocated. Shortly after landing, she founded a performance and recording studio in what was then an abandoned hair salon.

Inspired by other creatives’ interest in rediscovering and reinventing “downtown" American living, she founded a trilingual (Spanish, Russian, English) real estate sales team to support creative investors who think like homeowners, and motivated homeowners who think like investors. In 2018, Laura Suárez joined the Team as a licensed real estate agent, to facilitate transactions with Spanish-speaking clients.