Beacon 3rd Graders Receive Annual Dictionary Donation From Beacon Elks - For 15th Year

Third-graders in the Beacon City School District receive dictionaries donated by the Beacon Elks Lodge. Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Third-graders in the Beacon City School District receive dictionaries donated by the Beacon Elks Lodge.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

If you’re a parent in the Beacon City School District, you may have seen this yellow dictionary come home this past winter in your child’s backpack (this article got backlogged a bit). Where did the dictionary come from, you may have wondered? The teachers, administrators and PTA/O parents are always finding ways to send kids home with free treats, so what’s the story on the yellow dictionary?

For the past 15 years, third-graders in the Beacon City School District have each received one donated dictionary from the Beacon Elks Lodge. Says Carl Oken to A Little Beacon Blog about the donation: “Studies have shown that the third grade is the identified grade for the best results in expanding the youths’ vocabulary. Nationwide, 1,900 Elks Lodges have been distributing dictionaries to third-graders across our country (approaching 2 million dictionaries distributed) to help students’ literacy. Here in Beacon, we have been donating dictionaries to our third-graders for over 15 years and we have now donated over 4,000 dictionaries. We look forward to expanding the dictionary project to Haldane, Garrison and Fishkill Elementary Schools.”

Veterans To Get Field Trips and Socialization From Beacon Elks Lodge

The Beacon Elks Lodge #1493 has received the Elks’ Freedom Grant, which will assist local veterans’ mental and physical health by giving veterans the opportunity for a change of scenery, getting out of their living environment and participating in events that require socialization, moving and structure. “This includes taking veterans bowling, fishing, and taking them to movies at no cost to the veteran,” said Robert K. Lanier, Exalted Ruler of Beacon’s Elks Lodge, in a press release about the grant. Additionally, the Elks provide patriotic-themed picnics and lunches.

“The goal is to assist with their physical and mental health, and nutrition; show our appreciation for their service; and assure them that they are not forgotten,” said Robert. The Veterans who the Beacon Elk Lodge participates with of are the Veterans at Castle Point, according to Robert. “We maintain a relationship with the Castle Point Veterans to get them out to these events, such as bowling, BINGO, lunches, movies, etc.

This Beacon Elks Freedom grant was part of a two-part grant of $4,500 that is slated to help veterans, as well as children and adults, by way of servicing food banks, and purchasing educational supplies for local children. You can read more about that here.

How To Hook Up With The Beacon Elks Lodge For Services

Agencies that would like to partner with the Beacon Elks Lodge can send an e-mail to or they can send a letter to the Elks at:

Beacon Elks Lodge #1493
900 Wolcott Avenue
Beacon, NY 12508-4085
ATTN: Community Relations