Trade Us A Plastic Bag For An ALBB Tote Bag At Back To School Block Party


This Saturday is the 5th Annual Back To School Block Party and School Supply Drive from I Am Beacon, in partnership with Key Food at the South Avenue Park, just up the hill from the basketball courts and Beacon Dental. There will be games, food, music, and basketball!

A Little Beacon Blog will also be there, and wants to trade you one of our tote bags for a plastic bag! While supplies last (we have 19!), you can have a free tote bag when you bring one plastic bag. One tote bag per person. We’ll collect the plastic bags and stuff them into the plastic bag collection bin at Key Food.

Plastic bags don’t go into home recycling cans because they float around the recycling center and get into the machines, causing major problems. Start carrying a collection of totes, and skip the plastic bag - from anywhere! It’s a tricky habit to start when you’re in a restaurant or a store, and pulling out a tote bag isn’t commonplace. Or if you’re in Walmart with those rotating wheels of plastic bags. But give it a try!

Free tote bags for the first 19 plastic bag trades, and then we’ll have them on sale for $10 (normally $18 on this website).

See you soon!