Second Saturday! Beacon Gallery Openings for December 2018

Clockwise from top right, Second Saturday works by Jesse Bradford at Mother Gallery; Bakkun at Clutter Magazine Gallery; Hudson Beach Glass; Karl LaLonde at RiverWinds Gallery; and Lindsey Buckley at Bau (Beacon Artist Union).

Clockwise from top right, Second Saturday works by Jesse Bradford at Mother Gallery; Bakkun at Clutter Magazine Gallery; Hudson Beach Glass; Karl LaLonde at RiverWinds Gallery; and Lindsey Buckley at Bau (Beacon Artist Union).

Happy Second Saturday, Beacon! December’s #2Sat is one of the most vibrant days of the year around our little city, with hints of peppermint and straight-up magic in the air, pop-up shops, craft fairs, tree and menorah lighting, and Santa! But that’s not even all of the weekend’s cool happenings. For more details, check our Events Guide

Amid the festive hustle and bustle, don’t forget about the art galleries! There is so much new art to see! A gaggle of group shows this month offer a really efficient way to see new work. You’ll find a broad spectrum of artists at each of Mother, Catalyst, RiverWinds, Clutter, Hudson Beach Glass, Photo Book Works, bau, and The Lofts at Beacon galleries. (A tip: Many galleries are showcasing small, giftable items this month with price tags to match.) Curious about more galleries, or more specifics? We've got it all covered in Beacon's most comprehensive Art Gallery Guide

Big thanks to BeaconArts, the masterminds and promotional powerhouses behind Second Saturday and so many Beacon events! And thanks to the sponsors of A Little Beacon Blog, whose support allows us to produce the content we bring to you. Stop in to support them while you're out and about doing Second Saturday!

Second Saturday! Beacon Gallery Openings for October 2018

Happy Second Saturday, October edition!

Happy Second Saturday, October edition!

Happy Second Saturday, folks! This mid-October weekend is jam-packed with gallery openings (and one closing 😥) as well as so many non-art events. The common theme? Community. Head out to the galleries. (Our Guide gives an overview of each exhibition or screening we track down.) Talk with your neighbors, visitors, or the artists. Buy their work if you're in a position to - get a jump on holiday gifting, maybe? Then head out again on Sunday, with the Car Show on Main Street and the Pumpkin Festival at Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park. Get the artsy-tartsy scoop here in our Art Gallery Guide, and read about all of the amazing non-artsy things in our Event Guide.

Some familiar Beacon faces highlight this #2Sat. At Scenic Hudson's River Center (the big red barn at Long Dock Park), Eleni Smolen of TheoGanz Studio has curated a selection of works by Hiro Ichikawa, a Hudson Valley painter, printmaker, and nature lover who passed away early last year.

At No. 3 Reading Room and Photo Book Works, revisit Melissa McGill's starry Bannerman Castle installation and read writer Sam Anderson's reflections, in Reverse Punctuation Constellations.

Matteawan Gallery will be closing after the current show, Eleanor White's Bittersweet, wraps up next weekend. (Read more here about Matteawan and what’s next.)

Brief descriptions in our Gallery Guide can't possibly do justice to all of the artists exhibiting around town, so you really should check them out yourself. If you're inclined, report back and let us know what you loved seeing. Comment here, on Facebook, on Instagram, or Twitter. We'd love to hear from you.

Gallery Closing: Matteawan Gallery's Final Opening is September 2018 - Where to Find Karlyn Next

It's bittersweet that this month's opening at Matteawan Gallery reflects on the passage of time: Eleanor White's It's About Time will be Matteawan Gallery's final show. Karlyn Benson opened Matteawan Gallery in March 2013 in a small space further east on Main Street near the mountain.

It was a pretty common sight to see familiar faces packed into the gallery and congregating on the sidewalk outside, discussing everything from new puppies (hi, Jack!) to the featured artist who used math and dots to make really neat art that I couldn't wait to share with my math teacher-Renaissance man dad. I (I = Second Saturday writer Catherine, not bloggista extraordinaire Katie) am a total art newbie, and don't always "get" the fancy/important work, but Karlyn's gallery always had pieces by new (to me), interesting artists. Who remembers the baseball card guy

Matteawan will be missed, but keep your eyes peeled for Karlyn's name: "I plan to curate exhibitions under the name Matteawan Projects and to write about art in the Hudson Valley," she says. (Her first article is already up at Chronogram!) 

September's Opening: Eleanor White's It's About Time

Eleanor White returns to Matteawan Gallery with It's About Time. In her second solo show at the gallery, Eleanor explores the passing of time in sculpture and drawings. Natural materials, including hair, dandelion fluff, wood ash, and eggshells break out of their place in the daily background to figure prominently as materials, reminding viewers of fragility and the cyclic nature of ... nature. According to gallery owner Karlyn Benson, "White takes ordinary objects and makes them into something wonderful, captivating, and strange, thereby showing the potential of everything around us to change over time."

This exhibit runs through Sunday, October 7, 2018.