Street Parking During Snow: 2" Inches of Snow Means Move Your Car

The City of Beacon issued an alert reminding people of the street parking rules during snow fall. Cars parked on the street are subject to being towed if there is 2 or more inches of snow.

You can find a free parking lot here in A Little Beacon Blog’s Free Parking Lot Guide.

The message from the City, via Friday’s Emergency Alert sent via phone/email/text, reads like this - just so that you have the details straight from the source:

“This is the Mayor's Office with a weather update. Snow is expected to begin mainly after 5 pm on Saturday with 6-12 inches of snow expected for Dutchess County. Remember your vehicle is subject to removal at your expense if it is parked on a city street after two inches of snow. Also please remove your vehicle from any city parking lot within twenty four hours after the end of the storm. The Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Junior Parade and Events have been rescheduled for February sixteenth. For more information, call 845 420 1232.”

Sign up here for the Emergency Alert Messages if you haven’t yet.

We wrote about it here and walked you through the process.