Six Stores Selling Metal Straws In Beacon


Update! See below for new updates that have come in since this post published…

A reader question drove this most recent retail roundup. When a reader wrote in earlier this spring: “Where in Beacon can I buy metal straws?” the usual stores came to mind. After she hit our recommendations, she reported back with even more stores where she found metal straws in Beacon.

So we launched an investigation to scout out all the shops that offer metal straws. This meant we pounded the pavement, snapped some pictures, and have the following metal straw roundup for you! All of these are from A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide.

But first - why metal straws? The world is trending toward no single-use straws. There are signs on restaurants now, asking you to skip asking for a straw. Mind you, it is a new habit to build - to bring your own metal straw - but one that might happen. Also, there is a designer opportunity here: to design a carrying case for the metal straw in between uses, to fit inside of a purse or stroller. If you design such a case, let us know! Meanwhile, I may work on such a design to add to my other cover designs.

Raven Rose - 474 Main Street

metal straws raven rose.jpg

A set of metal straws is sold in Raven Rose, a beautiful shop that sells fresh flowers, designs large-scale floral arrangements for weddings and events, and curates a careful collection of amazing things you can’t help but take home after you walk in. This metal straw set comes with different widths of straws, because sometimes you are drinking a smoothie with fruit pieces, and other times water or juice. “You must clean the metal straws, and this kit comes with a brush,” says BrieAnna (with a capital A), a store employee. “You can’t rely on the dishwasher to get out the seeds and things from a smoothie, for instance.” What is also nice about this set, is that it comes in the box. You can carry them in the box in your purse, so that you never leave home without a metal straw.

More Good - 383 Main Street

metal straws more good.jpg

More Good, the shop that doubles as a small tea room, hand-crafted bottled syrup destination for make-your-own cola and root-beer, at one time a gourmet salt source, and flagship location of the fast-growing retail brands More Good syrups (and a commissary kitchen in the back has launched several other bottled brands of goodness). The owner of More Good, Jason Schuler, is also connected to the bar inside of the Hudson Valley Food Hall, so you’ll find the metal straws for your use over at the Food Hall when you order one of their ice-cream drinks.

Utensil - 143 Main Street

metal straws utensil.jpg

Utensil Kitchenware is the go-to source for anything kitchen: cooking, freezing, jarring, baking, stirring, etc. Their metal straws are sold individually, which is useful for if you just need one while you’re out, because you forgot your full set at home. If you wanted to grab a metal straw for a milkshake across the street at the Beacon Creamery, for instance, you could do so at Utensil easily. Utensil also sells a set, which includes the brush for cleaning, and silicone tops for comfort.

Zakka Joy (formerly Dream In Plastic) - 177 Main Street

metal straws zakka joy.jpg

True to Zakka Joy’s whimsical form, their metal straw set is playfully iridescent in color. You could also buy iridescent party cups and plates (when in stock) at Zakka Joy, and just about anything in rainbow style, or this mirage stemless wine glass. These metal straws come with the choice of pencil straight, or slightly curved. Because you might be feeling moody that day, and can’t decide how you want to suck down that ice water or vanilla latte.

Mountain Tops - 144 Main Street

Metal straw sets-mountain-tops.jpg

Mountain Tops Outfitters is Beacon’s long-time go-to for camping and outdoor gear (though a new neighbor - Last Outpost - has moved in several blocks down!), so of course they would have metal straws! Who wants to leave behind plastic ones at a campsite? You have your choice of two brands, each coated in silicone for those who like a little cush. One set comes with the cleaning brush, and is curved. Both sets look to be one-size-sucks-all.

Beacon Natural Market - 348 Main Street

Metal straw sets-beacon-natural.jpg

Beacon’s go-to source for all things healthy and organic, Beacon Natural Market has a deep selection of items to buy that go beyond food, including food storage, shampoo, makeup, puffy jackets, pre-made food, and metal straws. Their aim is to answer your every need for a healthy, clean-eating lifestyle. Here you’ll find an easy set of metal straws, both curved and straight, as well as metal spoon straws.

Hudson Beach Glass - 162 Main Street

Enhancing your artful life, Hudson Beach Glass sells glass straws from, a husband-wife team making the straws out of their home studio. And oh look! They sell a carrying case as well!

What About At Key Food And Other Locations?

Key Food is no longer selling the usual throw-away plastic straws, and is only selling compostable straws. If you see any inventory on the shelves of those old-style white straws with the blue line down the side, those are left-over from a prior delivery, and won’t be coming back, we are told.

A citizen reporter commented below that they spotted reusable straws at Play. We did look there and didn’t see them that day, so be sure to ask the person at the counter to direct you! A second citizen reporter has chimed in that they saw them at Accuprint (the print shop near Homespun)!

Haven’t tried Brett’s Hardware yet, or Rite Aid. Beacon Bath & Bubble welcomes you to bring your own metal straws in when you order one of their make-your-own-soda-floats. La Mère Clothing and Goods didn’t have them - yet! You never know what you’ll find on her shelves. There may be a few other shops we missed, but so far, you’ve got options!