Seeking Your Memories of Beacon Spirit from the Past 40 Years

After being away from the office for some time in order to be all-in for my new baby's first months of life, I was in the office today, in back-to-business fashion. My dear friend Charlotte dropped in, as she does from time to time, to catch me up on all of the film-making news in the area. (She is, after all, the #1 lookalike for Paul Newman's wife and has appeared in several things.)

We were discussing the Spirit of Beacon Parade, and how I'm on the Unofficial South Avenue Parade PTA Float-Building Committee, and how I need to find a few certain things today (top-secret, of course, until Sunday!), when Charlotte had the great desire to know what everyone's favorite memories were of Beacon or of the Spirit of Beacon Day.

The theme of this year's parade is Beacon Spirit of the Past 40 Years. Please share your favorite memory here in the Comments! If you have a picture you want to share, email it into us at for consideration to be published in an article!