Second Saturday! Gallery Openings for November 2018

ALBB Nov 18 collage.png

Happy Second Saturday, people of Beacon (and beyond)! It feels like the year-end rush of fun options is upon us, including a lot of art gallery show openings. Some exhibitions run through the end of the year, but don't hold off on visiting. This season is not known for shorter to-do lists! We've got it all covered in Beacon's most comprehensive Art Gallery Guide

Game plan: First, fuel up with goodies at Urgent Knead: For Goodness Bake Reboot (remember, those delicious treats and beverages are for a good cause! It *is* the season of giving, after all). Then get to the galleries. Reflections on nature, and expressions of it, are a thread in openings this month. There's the Hudson River canoe voyage in the gallery at the Beacon Institute for Rivers and Estuaries, warm plein air landscapes at Bannerman Island Gallery, fall views in the Beacon Photography Group: Autumn in the Hudson Valley show at the Howland Public Library. More oblique nods to nature and fleeting encounters can be found at Oak Vino Wine Bar and No. 3 Reading Room & Photo Book Works. Get the scoop on all of these shows and so. many. more. in our Second Saturday Art Gallery Guide.

A giant thank you to BeaconArts (BACA) for promoting the arts in our city. Also, shout out to the sponsors of A Little Beacon Blog - we couldn't produce this without you. To our readers - thank you for supporting the businesses who support us!