Sarabeth's French Vanilla Coffee at Key Food - Have It With Their Marmalade!

The story of Sarabeth's orange apricot marmalade is what always attracts me to the plain-fonted logo wherever I see it, in this case, on the shelves at Key Food. So when I spotted the bag of Sarabeth's French Vanilla coffee in the coffee aisle of Key Food, I had to have it. Sarabeth's started in 1981 from the apartment of a woman living in New York City. Sarabeth made up some batches of her family's 200-year-old recipe, jarred it, and sold it. The marmalade became wildly popular, and was featured on Oprah Winfrey's TV show. Sarabeth went on to open several restaurants. I have fond memories of brunching in Manhattan's West 80s, and I still pine for their Salmon Eggs Benedict. These days, Sarabeth's has 16 restaurants all over the world.

Everyone is hooked on their particular brand of coffee, and we certainly have some incredible choices to choose from locally, like Stumptown at Beacon Pantry and Tas Kafe at Ella's Bellas, while others never leave home without their variously dripped coffee from Bank Square. Oh, and now that Crepe Royal offers Turkish coffee, well, I'm just not sure what you're going to do.

Personally, I'm hooked on Starbucks Italian Roast (I don't drink coffee from a Starbucks store unless it's a One-Pump Vanilla Latte, but I do buy the bag from Key Food or Hannaford and make it myself), a very dark bean. Every morning, I make my own at home in a French press (find one at Bank Square or Utensil) or the AeroPress (find it at Mountain Tops) using a super dark bean.

Normally, I don't do flavored creamers or beans. However, the best part about flavored coffee is the aroma. I may brew it just to sweeten up the kitchen. So on the weekend, I decided to sprinkle a little scoop of the Sarabeth's French Vanilla into my usual dark Italian Roast and have a different cup of coffee on a quiet Saturday morning.

The result? Relaxing. I fixed it for my neighbor and even gave her half a bag of ground beans, knowing it would take me a while to get through them. This is how she responded months later when she finally made coffee at home (she buys it every morning):

Hence, the recommendation of the coffee is making it to A Little Beacon Blog for you to try, too!

Do Try The Jam for Breakfast or Brunch or Lunch!

You'll also find the jam in Key Food. It's one of the fanciest jars on the shelf, so you may want to wait until it goes on sale and then stock up, and only if you like blended flavors. But it's quite a large jar, the size of spaghetti sauce, so you are getting a lot of jam for the price.

Enjoy! :)