Radio Woodstock Broadcasts Live from Beacon Thursday (and A Little Beacon Blog is in The Lineup!)

Radio Woodstock broadcasts from, well, Woodstock up in the Catskill Mountains, but they are coming down to Beacon to broadcast live from three different eateries on Thursday as part of their Road Tour of nine cities this summer: Bank Square, BAJA 328, and Max's on Main. The Radio Woodstock DJs have been interviewing business owners about the highlights of what is going on in each town. Set up in a format of 2 to 3 hourlong intervals of meet-and-greets, music will still be played throughout the day in between interviews.

You can listen to Radio Woodstock any time on the actual FM dial at 100.1 WDST or by clicking here to listen on the Internet. How modern!

As you're out and about, see if you notice the radio crew at any of these locations and times with the following organizations and businesses being interviewed. (We may update this list to include more, but this is the lineup information we received as of the publishing of this article):

7-9am Coffee at Bank Square Coffeehouse

  • Rob Rutigliano of the Rutigliano Group, Paris on the Hudson
  • Mayor Randy Casale
  • Megan Mattingly of Dia
  • Katy Behney of Bank Square Coffee House and Mountain Tops to talk about hiking and kayaking in Beacon

12-2pm BAJA 328 for Lunch

  • Shah of the Mobile Gas Station across from BAJA 328 to discuss the people of Beacon
  • Melaine Rottkamp of Dutchess Country Tourism to talk about Fireball Run coming to Beacon on September 28th. Fireball Run is an adventure-travel television series and live action adventurally® competition. It is the real story of 40 teams of adventurers, taking the road less traveled in an epic quest for America's most obscure and historic artifacts. Fireball Run supports the Missing Child Network. Every driving team is assigned a child missing from their home of origin, and they are provided 1,000 missing child flyers to distribute along the 2,000 mile journey. This campaign has aided in the recovery of 44 missing children.
  • Jeff McHugh of the Beacon Incline Railway Project to Bring it Back
  • Katie Hellmuth Martin of A Little Beacon Blog (hey, that's me!) on Beacon blogging

4-6pm at Max's on Main for the End of the Day

Rick Brownell, current president of the Beacon Chamber of Commerce and owner of Freedom Ford at 420 Fishkill Ave. learned of the opportunity while he was recording one of his frequent radio commercials to air on independently owned Radio Woodstock, a media outlet he is passionate about supporting. "Sometimes when I'm done recording a commercial, the DJs will say to me 'Hey Rick, come up on the air with me and tell everyone what is going on in Beacon.'” Rick made a point to connect more businesses with this opportunity by working through Beacon's Chamber of Commerce.

Radio Woodstock "is proud to be one of the remaining independently owned and locally operated radio stations in the country.  Billboard Magazine has named Radio Woodstock 100.1 'Best Station' many times." The station is owned by Gary Chetkof, founder of Mountain Jam. "They are pretty cool people, fun people," Rick says. "Many who work there have kids and live in the area, so their lives are invested in the area."

We at A Little Beacon Blog have been included in the initial lineup of interviews, and will be at BAJA 328 during the 12 to 2pm slot! being that we are used to writing very deliberately and can hit delete buttons to edit run-on sentences, we have begun practicing what amazing points we will try to hit about Beacon (if we make the cut to get on the air!).

Yay, Beacon, and yay, radio!

Having said that, we must go investigate the internet radio lab The Ground, which broadcasts different community shows from the old Beacon High School. Oh man, even the #ClubDraw group has a radio show about "interesting people drawing and listening to dope music" that is broadcast from Quinn's the first Tuesday of the month.

Off to investigate!