Phone Chargers, Cases and Screens on Main Street!

This store, Veritech Wireless, has been here for a while, occasionally changing hands, but it’s usually been a phone store of some kind. Now that my household is down to one good phone charger and another with exposed wire, I made the sharp left turn into the shop on my way to my weekly pickup of raw frozen cat food at Beacon Barkery.

I did not realize how easy it would be to purchase phone chargers in Beacon! Skip the drive to Best Buy (I tend to not do Amazon... I like walking and looking).

The shop is under new ownership now, and there are all kinds of techie things you can do there. Screen repair, device cases, iPhones, battery swap out on iPads etc, phone wall chargers that might be better for not overheating, Verizon services, etc. Pictured here is this unsuspecting customer who was arm-twisted into the photo, but was happy to support his friend... and with a little baby candy to boot! Veritech Wireless is the place, and it’s at 188 Main St., next door to Beacon Barkery and across from Luxe Optique.