Peoples Bicycle's Lights Stay On Under New Ownership

Back when a few businesses were closing in Beacon, chatter started about People's Bicycle also leaving town. People's Bicycle was originally opened by Jon Miles, who renovated the shop space. Prior to that, there was one other bike shop in Beacon, on the other side of Main Street. It closed a few years ago when the owner, Tom Cerchiara, decided to put all of his efforts into his then-growing land surveying business, TEC Land Surveying PC.

People's Bicycle became the only bike shop in Beacon, and was known for building cargo bikes like the ones you see Zero To Go riding around as they pick up food waste for compost. People's Bicycle conducted regular repairs and tune-ups, and sold Kona mountain bikes. Speaking of mountain bikes, there is quite a scene of sponsored mountain bike riders - gals and guys -  in Beacon, in addition to regular riders who like to go up and down the mountain. Would the town be at a loss without a bike shop?

Tim Schopen thought so. In fact, he believed in the need for a bike shop so much that he purchased People's Bicycle from Jon, and has been preparing for his grand re-opening this weekend, Saturday, January 14. "I have worked in a few different bike shops with the dream to own my own sometime," says Tim. "Bike brands we will carry in the shop are Kona for now, with more to come. There are both mountain and road cyclists in this area, with hopefully more cyclists to come when the Rail Trail comes to town, or the Fjord Trail in a few years."

Trailblazers continue to make new bike paths to make it easier - or more challenging, but in a good way! - to ride around or above Beacon. Tom Cerchiara may now be hooked into his land surveying day job, but he's still on the bike, forging new trails, literally. He's clearing a trail from Gordons Brook Notch up to the Red Casino Trail, between the fire tower and casino ruins. A second, singletrack trail will run along the north side of the access road, and will give cyclists the opportunity to make a quick ride, about 45 minutes to an hour long. That route will also function as an exit trail for rides that run onto the Fishkill Ridge.

With Beacon's (so far) manageable snowfall and population of bike enthusiasts, there is sure to be a need for winter repairs and tune-ups. People should keep the new business in mind as they keep rolling on two wheels instead of four!