OPEN! The Made + Given Pop-Up Shop at A Little Beacon Space


Find Made and Given at A Little Beacon Space:
291 Main Street, across from Key Food
First Floor, First Door.
Friday 4-7pm
Saturday 11am-8pm
Sunday 11am-5pm

A Little Beacon Space has been transformed again! The chalkboards are wiped and dressed with new chalk art, and even the wall flowers have been changed. There's a pop-up shop in town this weekend, and you only have three days to catch it (well, now two, because today is Saturday). Here's what you'll find inside...

Rock Dove

Rock Dove is copper and rock jewelry made by husband-and-wife team Carolyn Baccaro and Mickey Dwyer. Says Carolyn about her style: "My love affair with copper and rocks began when I learned that copper was the first metal to be used in jewelrymaking. It's one of the few elements to occur in nature in its pure, metallic form, and our ancestors have adorned themselves in copper since at least 8,700 B.C. I love using this ancient metal to craft unique jewelry using a modern method."

PS: If these rock/copper combos look familiar, you might have seen them nearby. They are also sold at one of Beacon's newest shops, Howling at the Edge of Chaos near The Beacon Hotel (head east toward the mountain).

quartzpoint necklace.jpg
blue dragon vein jasper rings.jpg

The Wednesday Collective

The Wednesday Collective is a hard-to-find collection of pottery that makes for perfect additions to your ceramics collection, or a great housewarming gift.


Black Gold Records

A record collector who also roasts coffee, Black Gold Records is based in Brooklyn where he spins the black vinyl while roasting beans - both of which you can buy in this pop-up shop. He's also known for this t-shirt, "Record Collecting Ruined My Life."


Pop Porcelain

This is all you, kitsch-lovers. Vintage plates with some not-so-vintage people on them ,from Pop Porcelain. Best of both worlds? You decide, then take a picture and tag us to show us what you picked.


FSA Leather Goods

This is some fine leather designing going on here. FSA Leather Goods has brought their assortment of jewelry, paperweights, and other excuses to make beautiful combinations of fine leather and metalsmithing. In their own words: "FSA Leather Goods has been inspired by the well-worn and dependable tools used by the farmers and migrant workers who endured the Depression and Dust Bowl. Hard work was the only way for these people to pull themselves out of the toughest times that dared to destroy the land. The durable products manufactured during this era were built to last generations. Our mission is to design products with the traditional qualities of simplicity, utility and durability essential to the hard-working people of the Depression Era, whose efforts, and the tools which enabled them, we still respect today."


Halmi Co

And if you wanted a little sparkle with your leather, there is Halmi Co. At this time, Halmi Co. does not sell online (coming soon), so the only way to score their goods is to find them in person.


John Defeo

New to A Little Beacon Space's walls is the artist John Defeo. You can see this art right now for this weekend only, and then it's gone. So if you want to pick up a piece, now is your chance.


Moor Berry

Bow ties and baby booties...that's what you'll find from Moor Berry, who sews a cultural twist into each of her designs.



But of course, a pop-up vintage assortment is on the racks from Rock Dove's private collection, with jeans, a few shoes, and coats that you could use today.


Teddy's Barkery

Got a pooch or two? They need a special doggy treat with a message on it from Teddy's Barkery. There are stamped-message cuff bracelets for humans (down at King + Curated on Beacon's east end at 1 East Main), and there are stamped-message doggie treats for dogs in the pop-up shop.

Teddy's Barkery.jpg

Santa's Dirty Workshop

Rated R cards, so can't show much here. You'll need to go in to see the collection!


Where To Go Next

After, or on your way to, this pop-up shop, check out these Beacon stores that carry a selection of products in the same niche as this one:

On the West End (toward the train):

  • reMADE
  • Hudson Beacon Glass
  • Dream in Plastic (also sells Kala Style soaps which will be at this pop-up shop)

In the Center (near this pop-up shop):

  • American Gypsy
  • Hudson Valley Vinyl

On the East End (near the mountain):

  • Howling at the Edge of Chaos (also sells Rock Dove rings which will be available at this pop-up shop in other styles)
  • Blackbird Attic
  • Shop Reservoir
  • King + Curated