OPEN! LulaRoe Pop-Up Shop with Erin and Leigh at A Little Beacon Space - This Weekend Only!

There is a cult of women who love LuLaRoe, and members of that cult can now come into A Little Beacon Blog's Space this weekend only - Friday to Sunday - to shop from Erin and Leigh, two moms who were born and raised in Beacon. They've been popping up in people's homes to hold these sales, and now they are popping up in A Little Beacon Space at 291 Main Street, in the Telephone Building across from Key Food. Come into the building. We are on the first floor, in the first door.

If you're aren't familiar with LuLaRoe, here's a primer: It's a brand of clothing designed by a woman who wanted to build a business around her children and family life (pretty much the best goal ever). It quickly grew via its house-party sales model, where the products are not sold in stores, and can only be found at house parties. It's unusual for the brand to be in a location like this, open to the public, but not so unusual for the dynamic duo of Erin and Leigh, who reach people via their Facebook page using videos and pictures galore.

If you're walking by our space with kids in tow, bring them in. There are kids-sized leggings, tops and dresses. Sizing is pretty easy, so you should have plenty of options and several pieces should work.

In addition to the stretchy LuLaRoe fits you may be used to, there are a few pleated styles as well. They've set up a popup changing room behind the curtain, so you can try items on to make sure things fit you just right.

Leggings...there will be leggings. The sizing is unique yet consistently flattering. Pictured here is a batch of size TC, or "Tall and Curvy". Leigh tells me that the TC would fit a pregnant belly nicely. We shall see when the truth is revealed in the popup dressing room, but it's nice to have that sizing label! I will take it!


Friday: 3 to 7 pm (5/12/17)
Saturday: 10 am to 8 pm (5/13/17)
Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm (5/14/17...Happy Mother's Day...#treatyoself!)

291 Main Street
A Little Beacon Space - First Floor and Door
Across from Key Food

Rain? What Rain?

It's supposed to rain Saturday and Sunday. People came on Friday because they were walking by or made early plans to come over quick. Good choice. This popup is happening rain or shine. Wear your galoshes! Because you don't want to miss this chance to add pretty and comfort to your wardrobe. We know you'll be out this weekend because there are just too many one-time-only events going on. So dash into here while you're out!