When Is Beacon’s Halloween For Trick Or Treating?


So the amazing thing is…Beacon follows the actual Halloween Night of October 31st for Halloween Trick or Treating. Halloween Night is not a City run event. It’s a national event organized by no one. Except that the police may be on high alert to protect us.

This means that the City of Beacon’s Halloween Night changes every year. This means that it could be on a Tuesday or a Saturday. One year, it was on such a Saturday, and it was quite epic. It made Halloween on any other night seem short. As in: “Are we just extra tired or crammed? Why did this night seem so hard to do?”

It is because Halloween on any other night that is not a Friday or Saturday means that you are leaving work early to attend your child’s school parade (usually for elementary school kids), and if they are at multiple schools, good luck with that. And then picking up or accepting delivered pizza, and then the littlest kids knocking on your door at 4:30/5pm while you are still getting your own slightly older kids ready, and then you head out at 6pm or 7pm depending.

So where do you go? We know about the Willow Loop That is on East and West Willow. That is one intense bonfire driveway scene with a haunted house that we have yet to go in. SO SCARY. What are your corners of Beacon that you love to Halloween in?