Newburgh Native Screens Locally Made Indie Film "Myth" At Towne Crier

Photo Credit: Brian DiLorenzo

Photo Credit: Brian DiLorenzo

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Did you see these indie filmmakers at any point during the making of “Myth,” screening Thursday, June 6, at 7 pm in the big music room in the back at Towne Crier?

This crew was all over the Hudson Valley, including a driving shot on the road from Cold Spring to Peekskill, and another on a road off of Rock Cut Road in the Town of Newburgh, and another scene filmed at the Hudson Valley Mall in Kingston.

“Myth,” written and directed by Brian DiLorenzo, was a locally made production which gave aspiring young filmmakers the chance to come together to make a movie.

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The Film Crew

Said Brian when A Little Beacon Blog inquired about where he found his crew: “Every single person was a great friend, mostly from the film program we all graduated from at C.W. Post College. We did however have a ton of family and hometown friends involved as well.

“My college roommate Dan Brady was our Director of Photography (DP), my friend Gia McKenna produced, and my buddy Dan Rodenhizer helped out as Assistant Director (AD).

It was a great ask - because I essentially had to ask people to ditch their paying jobs and come live with me in the woods for 10 days to make this thing happen. One of the guys, Richie Theodule, who ran our sound, didn't even know anyone before he joined our team! Now we're great friends.”

What’s The Movie About?

“Myth” details the exploits of a shady movie director (Nicholas Tucci, who can also be seen in Hulu’s original series “Ramy,” as well as the just-released psychological thriller “Long Lost”) and his devoted protégé (Justin Andrew Davis), as they embark on a chaotic new project, filled with intrigue and deceit at every turn. Actress Sadie Scott (can be seen on “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Crshd”) looks to be a breakout star as she just won Best Actress at the 2019 May Day Film Festival as the film makes its way through the festival circuit.

Glimpse Into The Low (Low, Super Low) Budget Film World

Being that this was a young filmmaking team, A Little Beacon Blog inquired with Brian the Director about the budget, as our readers like to know how things work:

“We were extremely low budget! In the indie film world, there are all these different tiers that span from a project like ours, all the way to something like ‘Garden State’ or ‘Little Miss Sunshine.’ In terms of ‘low-budget,’ SAGIndie defines it as between $650K to $2 million, ‘low-budget modified’ between $200K and $650K, ULTRA-low budget for films between $50K and $200K. We get our own special category, which is sometimes known as either "micro-budget" or "no-budget filmmaking." In terms of my own budget, between about seven credit cards, we were around $35K!”

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Want To Be A Location For A Film?

Large- and small-budget movies from all over are filming in the Hudson Valley. A reader of A Little Beacon Blog wrote in to ask about Beacon’s permits, and about renting a house out in general - as a homeowner - to a film crew. We interviewed a Location Manager to discover some of the ins and outs you’ll want to know about as you negotiate your rate with the production company. Click here to get that article.

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