New Event: The Artist's Way Creative Cluster Group at A Little Beacon Space

the artists way.jpeg

WHEN: Sundays, 1:30 pm, from March 4 to May 20, 2018
WHERE: A Little Beacon Space, 291 Main St., First Floor, First Door, Beacon, NY
PRICE: Open to all (free)
RSVP: Click here to use the RSVP form on the Event page

An Artist's Way Creative Cluster group is being held at A Little Beacon Space on Sundays for the 12-week journey that Julia Cameron writes about and teaches via her classic book. This meeting time and space will be a gentle group, where people who are reading the book and going through their journey can share their thoughts and connect with others. The group will serve as a connection point, with a goal of fostering creativity in all and nurturing community. It will be lightly led by Katie Hellmuth Martin, or another person in the group over the 12 weeks.

The only requirements are these:

  • Book in hand: You have gotten your copy of The Artist's Way out of storage, and into your hands. You could go to Binnacle Books and have them order you a copy if you need to. The book in this picture was purchased at the pop-up flea at Create Space.
  • Pages: You have a new journal or stack of paper for which to write your Morning Pages. You can find journals at Play, Dreams in Plastic, and Echo, or maybe Raven Rose and Lauren and Riley. All right here on Main Street, Beacon. The journals in this picture were found at Play. Check A Little Beacon Blog's Shopping Guide for other ideas.
  • Non-artists welcome: In the words of Julia Cameron in the book:
    Julia: "I teach people to let themselves be creative."
    Person on the Street: "Oh. You mean we're all creative?"
    Julia: "Yes."
    So don't be shy. Come on by.
  • Life happens: The book walks us through a 12-week journey. This creative cluster will meet at 1:30 pm every Sunday from March 4 to May 20. If you can't come to every meeting, that's OK. If you just heard about this, or decided midway through that you want to come to a meeting, that's OK.
  • Not a professional workshop of The Artist's Way: You may have taken workshops based on this before. This is the first time we are doing it, so it's free-form and will follow the Tasks and Check-Ins offered in the book. And that's about all we know!