Mystery Photo Revealed: 432 Main Street Is On South Street and Main Street as Hudson Valley Auctioneers

This week's mystery photo is the building on South Street near Locust Place on which hangs the Helting Bros. sign with the 423 Main Street address, that seems like an old vintage sign to hang on a building that isn't on Main Street.

Or Is It On Main Street?

This warehouse is indeed one building that goes from 432 Main Street all the way back to this South Street location. It is the warehouse and auction room for Hudson Valley Auctioneers, a fact that many of you already know, and many city-folk already know as well, as New York City antique collectors come up for scheduled auctions on Mondays with four to five weeks between auctions to bid on rare finds. Internet based auctions are held as well for global bidders.

The storefront window of 432 Main Street, home of Hudson Valley Auctioneers.

Have you seen this sign out front sometimes? Have you participated in an auction?

Is it a log cabin? Or an auction house. It's the pizza station for the live auctions!

Look familiar? This is the front of the building on Main Street, with the back of the kitchen serving as the storefront. During a live auction, people can get pretty hungry. Auctions start at 5pm, and at 10pm, pizza is served to keep everyone happy. You can see the crushed red pepper flakes on the counter in the picture above. What will you find in these auctions? From Hudson Valley Auctioneers website:


"Our regular auctions hold about 500 to 600 lots ranging from antique furniture to mid Century modern, every auction has a selection of sterling silver, fine art (paintings, watercolors, etchings, lithographs), carpets, glass, china, Asian & European accessories, lighting and the strange and unique items that make an auction fun and memorable,  a Sing Sing toilet, naughty bronzes, a DeLorean, horse drawn carriages, Civil war letters, a mummified hand, the occasional motor boat, movie set items (Wolf of Wall Street) and even a shrunken head has passed through here."


The building did used to be the location for the Helting Bros., an appliance and plumbing company. Congratulations to the winner of this contest, Matt Clifton, who will be enjoying a mini-sweet potato pie from BJ's!

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