Lorraine Tyne ReBlings to Become Beacon's Bridal Boutique

Nestled into a storefront on the early curve of Main Street on the West End is Lorraine Tyne, the new bridal boutique that quietly sparkles from its storefront windows. You once knew it as a boutique of bling jewelry, while taffeta gowns in the window were decorated with custom-designed jewelry sourced from New York City and the Far East. Statement necklaces used to line the windows, and if you owned one, you were sure to get compliments every time you wore it. We blogged about the shop before, when in search of a tiara for the final season of "Downton Abbey."

Lorraine Tyne from the past: jewelry. Lorraine Tyne today: bustles and bling. Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Lorraine Tyne from the past: jewelry. Lorraine Tyne today: bustles and bling.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

That was the original Lorraine Tyne, from 2011 to 2016. A growing collection of bridal pieces brought in more customers, who sought more bridal goods from Lorraine Tyne, including gowns. True to the entrepreneurial spirit of Beacon, the three sisters who own Lorraine Tyne - Keisha, Jenny, and Koreen, from whom the name is derived - rebranded (or reblinged) their store to feature consignment and original wedding gowns at a variety of price points. Down came the floor-to-ceiling shelves from which sapphire, crystal and rhinestone necklaces, earrings and bracelets once sparkled, and up went a wall-to-wall rack of wedding gowns.

If your heart just skipped a beat when you saw the slender, lace covered ivory gown or the organdy flutters from the gown against the pink wall, you could take it one step further and go into the shop and touch the dresses. Open many days of the week, in the afternoon or by appointment, Lorraine Tyne Bridal is having a White Party this Second Saturday for September. Here is the extra draw: Lorraine Tyne loves doing deep discount sales on jewelry. So if nothing else, go in to peek at the gowns, come out with some bling - and a headpiece! (Maybe get a gown later, or tell a friend who is in the throes of wedding planning.)

We have dedicated a "Come In!" series article to Lorraine Tyne because chances are, you have not yet set foot in there. And why would you? It's not like you get married every day. Which maybe we should change. Vow renewal ceremonies anyone? Yes, ceremonies. As in more than one in our lifetime. Maybe one a year?!

Gosh, I think I'm onto something here! How can one woman choose one hat, one veil, one headpiece, to celebrate a love that is to last a lifetime? How, with all of these choices?

Speaking of choices, Lorraine Tyne carries other local designers as well. Local Beacon designer Sarah, from "Sparkle My Head Scarves" makes a collection of head bands and garters. Poughkeepsie-based bridal designer Mia Von Mink makes sashes and hair accessories. Lorraine Tyne also carries a collection of handmade hair flowers and birdcage veils from Breault Designs.

One of the sisters designs some of the jewelry herself, and has it manufactured in New York City. They also offer custom designs. The Sinrilus Bridal Jewelry Collection is a high-end curated collection for bridal and other special occasions. It ranges from $30 to $400 and up. So go in, frost yourself, as they say, and find something pretty. Or at least admire the collections and designs, of which there are many.