How To Enter The Corn Muffin Contest During The Beacon Sloop Club's Corn Festival 2019

Photo Credit: Beacon Sloop Club

Photo Credit: Beacon Sloop Club

Last year marked the launch of the Cornbread contest at the Beacon Sloop Club’s Corn Festival. This year, the baking returns! In Corn Muffin form. Let’s see what you got!

Rules and Regulations for Corn Muffin Contest

1. Anyone can enter. The only rule is the corn muffin must be made from scratch.

2. Prize for first place is $25.

3. To enter, bring your cornbread to the Contest Tent before 2PM. Bring your cornbread on a dish or plate, along with a card with your name, phone number, and recipe. Besides the name of your recipe, please include the ingredients used. Winner announce at 3pm.