Happening This Thursday: Personal Finance Planning for Artists, Entrepreneurs, Creatives

It's Sunday night... How did your bill paying go? Coming to A Little Beacon Space this Thursday is a workshop designed specially for artists, entrepreneurs and business owners to help them with their financial planning, led by a woman who has worked with artists for years to help them craft retirement planning and good money habits that work with their lifestyles. She even designed these cute flashcards that were featured on the "Today" show.

The agenda below gives a glimpse of what she will be covering, but here are some questions from business owners and artists that have already come in (you can bring your own questions too):

  • "I have high credit card bills. I try to pay those, and put nothing towards my IRA or any kind of retirement planning. Is this a good strategy?"
  • "I never have a lot of money, so when I get a windfall for a being hired for a new project, I'm apt to spend all of the money at once. Help. What should I do with it? Save it? Invest it? Pay bills?"

As an artist or business owner, you are your own boss. No one has set up a retirement plan for you. No one is matching your hard work. Who is going to do it for you? You are. And Galia's guidance can help shine the light on your future good habits.

My Money Matters Flash Cards Included With Ticket Purchase!

Now, when you get a ticket to this workshop, you will get Galia's My Money Matters flash cards that were featured on "Today"! More importantly, they are adorable to look at, and serve as realistic affirmations of what you can do.

You Will Learn How To

  • Get organized. See where you are today and where you want to be.
  • Set realistic financial goals.
  • Manage your credit.
  • Create a budget and spending plan that works for you.
  • Develop a plan for automatic savings.
  • Invest in mutual funds.
  • Take away the uncertainty of retirement planning and determine the best retirement plan for you.
  • Best financial resources including apps, websites, books and ongoing tips.
  • Learn how to deal with your finances in just 30 minutes a week.

About Galia

Galia Gichon is an independent personal financial expert with more than 20 years in financial services, including nearly 10 years on Wall Street and an MBA in finance. She runs her own company, Down to Earth Finance, which addresses personal financial needs through seminars and individual sessions. She is a frequent speaker at Barnard College’s Athena Center for Leadership, Playwrights of NY, Lark Theatre, New Museum NYC, Crave Live, and Freelancers Union. She has been widely quoted in The New York Times, NBC, CNN, Real Simple and more. Previously, she worked at Bear Stearns and Nomura Securities. She is actively involved in angel investing through Pipeline Angels, Astia and Refinery CT. Galia is also the author of “My Money Matters,” a flashcard-based finance reminder set that was featured on the "Today" show.

See you there?
I'll have my notebook out.