Final Construction at Long Dock Park Has Begun - Here's What's Happening

Residents of Beacon are familiar with the ongoing (over a decade now) development happening at Long Dock Park along the Hudson River. Last month, the final phase of construction at Long Dock got under way. After all the feedback that was received during public hearings with Scenic Hudson, the additional parkland will include space for food trucks, a shaded plaza for informal dining, shade pavilions, lawns and a native-plant meadow, as well as a boardwalk and river overlook deck.

While the park will remain open during the eight-month completion, visitors can look forward to exploring an additional four acres of land that were previously closed to the public.

Overseeing this expansive project are Scenic Hudson Senior Park Planner Meg Rasmussen and Parks Project Manager Joseph Kiernan.

The riverfront land used to be an oil storage facility and junkyard before it was purchased by Scenic Hudson in 1996. Now, Long Dock includes rehabilitated wetlands, kayak/canoe beach and storage, trails, picnic areas and a fishing pier. Recently, the historic red barn has been restored to host the Scenic Hudson’s River Center and American Center for Folk Music. “Scenic Hudson looks forward to expanding Long Dock Park for Beacon residents and visitors to connect," says Scenic Hudson Senior Vice President Steve Rosenberg. "We appreciate all the public input and support we received while designing this last phase of park development. This will ensure the new public space is fun and engaging for everyone in the community. We also are exploring new ways to educate people about the Hudson River and the need for citizens to be involved in creating healthy, vibrant riverfronts."