edible Hudson Valley to Retreat and Meet in Beacon at A Little Beacon Space


We're so happy to partner with edible Hudson Valley to be their Beacon meeting destination when their editorial team converges from all corners of the Hudson Valley. (It's like a group of superheroes coming together.) After one booking at A Little Beacon Space (you can rent our space!), they wanted more. Paging through their issues, you will now see A Little Beacon Blog ads saying "Hi!" to you. High fives to media friendships! Especially in this day and age, media outlets can be friends with each other to get more of the good word out.

We've had a magazine/business crush on the edible brand for a while, and we read several other city editions as well. The first one I picked up was edible Columbus, and edible Cleveland is pretty good, too! What is even neater is that edible Hudson Valley's new publisher, Jennifer Solow, is also the author of the book The Booster, published in 2006. This was exactly when I started my first blog just for fun, and she sent me a copy of the book with the nudge to "write a good review if you like it, and if you don't like it, eh, up to you what you do!"

Full circles are great, and encourage us to keep up the work.