Draught Industries Isn't Leaving - It's Re-Ownering - But Drink it All on December 10th!

Draught Industries is the most narrow bar, located slightly east of the middle of Main Street, and chances are, you pass right by it every time you're trying to find it. Inside, you'll find a tightly curated and very creative list of beers, and you're allowed to bring your own food!

So when the news came that Draught was selling, bier lovers shivered, hoping they wouldn't lose their barstool in this eclectic nook. And we've just confirmed that they won't. December 10, 2016, marks the final night with Draught Industries' original owners. Their words: "Thanks for a great 2 years! Final weekend! All glasses $5, flights $10 and growler fills $15 until it's gone!! Come see us in Fishkill at The Dutchess Biercafe where we'll be adding a beautiful Biergarten next year!" Draught will re-open the following Thursday, with the same hourly schedule that it has now.

Draught's motto will give you an indication of what's it's like inside this little bar, and why it should top your list for beer: "Some people collect art. We drink it. 20 rotating Draughts & 2 rotating Beer Engines." You can't miss the apparatus inside that makes the beer pour so perfectly from each keg. It is mounted on the wall and looks like an antique telephone switchboard, but it's really a beer switchboard of some kind...

To prove that Draught is passionate about beer, we'll leave you with a typical rundown from Draught's Instagram feed: