Dear Everyone: Please Stop Doing U-Turns On Main Street!

OMG y’all - people of Beacon and those visiting Beacon - this Monday you are up on your U-turns on Brett Street on Main Street (right by Key Food)! It’s not a good idea!

More U-turns happen at Cliff Street and Main Street, and I’m sure in more areas of town that others have seen.

Seriously - just figure out another way to turn around. Go around a block, maybe.

Oh, and passing a car who is parallel-parking is not legal if you’d have to cross a double-yellow or single-yellow line to pass. We checked with the Beacon police, and if you pass on a solid yellow line on your side, that will get you a ticket. The reason I know this is because I was jay-walking (also wrong, eeks, I know), and a car wasn’t expecting a pedestrian there while they were peeling around the parking car, so they almost flattened me.

So be careful, and patient. Let’s all do better.