Congratulations to Susan, Vince, and Everyone at Antalek & Moore

It was an emotional afternoon on Thursday, January 18, for a multigenerational business in Beacon. We send all of our congratulations to Antalek & Moore as the torch is passed to Executive Partners Susan Antalek Pagones and Vince Lemma. When you attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the normally quiet storefront of an insurance agency, and when well-wishers have poured out onto the sidewalk and into the intersection because so many are in attendance, it really is so heart-warming. 

Several dignitaries - including Beacon Mayor Randy Casale and State Senator Sue Serino - attended the Ribbon🎀 Cutting, a joint celebration of the Dutchess Chamber and the Beacon Chamber of Commerce. As the mayor pointed out, Antalek & Moore is one of Beacon's longest-running businesses, and employs several people.

The food at the party was local and amazing, with dishes from Mr. V’s, Leo’s wings, treats from Ella’s Bellas, Drink More Good, Alps Chocolate, BAJA 328 and others blessing the new office. Susan forced a to-go plate on my hungry eyes, and I’m so glad she did. Congratulations!!