Beacon Hosts Citizens' Preparedness Training at Fire Station #2 on April 17, 2018


Citizens' Preparedness Training
Day: Tuesday, April 17
Time: Doors will open at 6:30 pm and the training will begin at 7 pm. 
Location: Beacon's Fire Station #2, 13 South Avenue 

In light of the recent shooting events and the early morning fire at Rombout Avenue, parents are looking for ways to be more prepared in an emergency situation. The Dutchess Country Department of Emergency Response and Beacon Mayor Randy Casale are inviting all parents to the Citizens' Preparedness Training, Tuesday, April 17, at Beacon's Fire Station #2 located at 13 South Avenue.  Doors will open at 6:30 pm and the training will begin at 7 pm.

William H. (Bill) Beale, the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response, says: “Through our countywide community preparedness assessment, we discovered the need for citizens' preparedness training. As a result, we can fund it through federal training."

Starter Kit of FEMA Recommended Items

At this training, participants will get a Starter Kit that includes FEMA-recommended items. "This kit and the ability to add to it is very important," says Bill.

Flooding Preparedness Training

According to Bill, “We’re seeing more flooding than we’ve seen previously.” Flooding is the No. 1 natural hazard that affects Dutchess County. "If you’re in a low-lying area, be aware that it could happen. Many people live in rural parts of Dutchess County," further from life-saving first responders.

Sustained Power Outages Training

Attendees will be trained in what to do during sustained power outages. Days after we moved to Beacon from New York City several Januarys ago, Beacon experienced a severe blizzard where we lost power for three days. Being city-folk, we didn't know what do to. However, if that had to happen, I think I'd rather be out here in a small-town city than up high in an apartment building!

"During the last Nor’easters," Bill explains, "many people were without power for nine days. This program trains in how to be prepared for sustained power outages."

Other Types of Emergencies

Among the goals of the evening training session will be making people aware of what types of disasters can affect Duchess County in case they need to evacuate the area or shelter in place. Situations that will be covered include severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, winter storms, public health emergencies, hazards materials (chemical and biological threats).  

Available each day to those who are really into being prepared is the Mountain Scout Survival School, with its headquarters on Main Street. Several classes are available through the Mountain Scout Survival School, including firemaking skills, knife-handling skills, winter skills, and other survival skills for living outdoors.

This training does not include what to do in active shooter situations. "Stop the Bleed does address that," says Bill, referencing the training program that is readily accessed through the Beacon Volunteer Ambulance Corps, who can bring their Stop the Bleed training to you if you organize a group.

Overall, Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response has found that Community Preparedness is lacking in Dutchess County, and has ramped up efforts to find and secure funding. "We have trained almost 2,000 people so far and have conducted 30 presentations.”

Tuesday's event is free and open to the public. You can get more information by visiting or calling (845) 486-2080.