Calico Ball Now Accepting Ad Sponsorships for Dance Brochure

The Calico Ball, started by the late, great, local legend Pete Seeger 28 years ago, is a dance residency for all third-grade students across the Beacon School District, led by the Vanaver Caravan dancers. Students learn about different cultures around the world and perform in a global dance festival. For the past eight years, BAEF (Beacon Arts and Education Foundation) has sponsored this event, providing joy, amazement and education to hundreds of children. Spaces are open now for business or individual sponsorships to advertise in the dance program. The deadline is May 26, 2017.

Art Programming in Public Schools Diminishing

In order for artistic enrichment to be provided in the Beacon City School District, funding from outside sources is required as state and federal funding have decreased. According to the BAEF website, "In recent years, the amount of state aid has decreased dramatically. Consequently, it has become increasingly difficult to fund innovative educational programs that provide a richness to the educational experience of students."

BAEF’s goal is to support programs and activities that would not otherwise be achievable through available public funds, as well as to encourage the educational development of BCSD students and staff. Their mission is to foster community involvement and partnerships in the public education process. The Calico Ball is paid for with funds that BAEF raises. That money comes from annual fundraisers like the brochure ads and donations from the PTO/PTAs, as well as a grant that Vanaver Caravan researched and applied for, according Anna Bergin, a co-chair of BAEF this year.

Since BAEF's inception in 2004, they have provided over $100,000 to bolster arts education programming in the BCSD. Financial support has paid for:

  • new sound equipment in the high school auditorium
  • a new kiln for the high school ceramics studio
  • teaching artist residencies in the schools, including the I’m Tired Project at Rombout Middle School
  • musical instruments
  • arts supplies

Business and Individual Sponsorships In The 2017 Calico Ball Program

Businesses and individuals can buy an ad in the Calico Ball program by clicking on this form to find ad sizes and prices, and then making your ad purchase/donation directly through BeaconArts by clicking this link or by sending in a check, which is a fiscal sponsor for BAEF and this project. Support from the community helps the Calico Ball continue year after year, and contribute to the experience that is living in Beacon, NY. The ad deadline is May 26, 2017, so get on it!