Beacon's Fine Copper Critters + Batman Ninja Charms at Beacon Fine Jewelers

beacon fine art jewelers 5.jpg

We're betting that you haven't seen these little copper critters yet, created at Beacon Fine Jewelers, Inc. in the middle of Beacon at 284 Main Street. The shop is in that nondescript part of Main Street across the street from the Howland Public Library, so you may have walked past their window several times, maybe making a mental note to see if that ruby ring in your jewelry collection is real or not.

beacon fine art jewelers 1.jpg

That's how I first walked in - on the gemstone detective mission - but I was immediately distracted by these little copper critters created by Mitch Rios, the son of Elliot Rios. They both metalsmith from behind the torch in back of the shop. The duo have been working in Beacon since about 2003. They commute over the bridge from Newburgh to their shop here to repair jewelry or clocks on the spot.

Mitch started designing these...droids? copper critters? from old pennies. Fitted with a loop at the top, you could wear it as a charm, hang it from a window or rear-view mirror, or simply collect them as a little standing army. Several of the creative beings are available, each bearing different characteristics.

beacon fine art jewelers 6.jpg

In addition to the copper charms (above), Mitch designs character charms out of silver (below), like the Batman ninja piece in this picture, or the Pokémon charm.

beacon fine art jewelers 3.jpg

Is there a knife collector in your life? A precise charm may be just what he or she needs. Each of the different types is custom-designed and made by Mitch.

beacon fine art jewelers 7.jpg

Of course, you'll also find traditional pieces of jewelry in rows of cases inside Beacon Fine Jewelers. Some items are pieces they have bought from estates, others are their own designs. Do you have an idea for a ring? Sketch it out and bring it to Elliot. He would love to make it for you as a custom piece.

beacon fine art jewelers 4.jpg