Beacon's 2017 City-Wide Yard Sale Open Under Blue Skies With Tempting Yards

Wahoo, it's here! Beacon's City-Wide Yard Sale is the second biggest marker of spring/summer/delightful weather after Beacon Open Studios kicks off. The first year of our arrival as citizens in Beacon, the great day was on my birthday, and oh, what a gift. Before any birthday festivities, we tootled around, all packed into one car, hopping from yard to yard to see what we could find.

Homeowners wait all year to bring their treasures (or junk? only you can decide) up from the basement, down from the attic, or out from the shed or garage to spread it all out on the lawn, hopeful for customers.

Now that online community selling pages exist on Facebook, with Beacon's Buy Sell Group being particularly action-packed and filled with great deals and things you never knew you needed (until you saw it at midnight or on a weekend morning), I wonder if that has made a dent in anyone's inventory. Chances are that it hasn't, as yard sale inventory is ever-present. Plus, half the fun of buying from the online Buy Sell page is meeting new people in the neighborhood. This once-a-year live community event is another chance to get out for a spontaneous bike ride or walk around different neighborhoods within Beacon to see what can be hunted and gathered.

Have fun! Post pictures of your finds and tag us on Instagram or Twitter @alittlebeacon or Facebook @alittlebeaconblog. My first purchase was a $5 table saw. What's yours?