Registration Easier Now For Beacon Recreation Childcare, Camp and Pool Membership

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Beacon Recreation’s newsletter announcing the new online registration tool.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Beacon Recreation’s newsletter announcing the new online registration tool.

One wouldn’t think that such a celebration was needed for the announcement of the City of Beacon Recreation’s new online registration and payment tool, but it is an enhancement that saves time for everyone. Several key points of registration are now available in one place, and include: payment, emergency contact information, medical information, and more.

Driving or walking over to the Beacon Recreation Department at 23 West Center Street is always a pleasure, because one gets to see Heidi, Mark, Nate or other employees of the Beacon Rec Department, and sometimes members of Green Teen who also have an office in the building. But the trade-off of a little less stress involved with registration is measurable. Plus, you can always head over to the Beacon Recreation building and play at the South Street playground, sled down the hill, or shoot hoops or hit a tennis ball on the courts below.

Pre-Planning Time For Registration Cut In Half

The pre-planning to register is involved, as one needs to fill out emergency contact information for each child when registering them each quarter for the After School Program, a popular childcare program, which is in Beacon’s elementary schools from 3pm-6pm. To keep up with the paperwork, I actually made several backup emergency contact copies at home with our printer/copier, and felt quite pleased with myself for advanced prep.

“No need for that anymore,” says Nate Smith, City of Beacon Assistant Recreation Director. “Unless you change something, contact information will be the same. Pick your days of After School Program that you want to sign your children up for, and off you go.” Tuition Assistance is available to qualifying families. So do inquire if you need that. Spots do fill up fast, and each quarter is a new signup even if you were already enrolled in the prior session.

For Camp at the Camp, another popular summer program from the Beacon Recreation Department, registration forms are once again are involved, and this time include medical information. You’ll still need to submit the medical forms each year. “The medical forms are purged annually. The BOH requires one dated within the last year.”

Registration for Camp at the Camp opens on March 11th, 2019, and last year, and spaces filled up fast. With a keyboard on your side, you’ll get ahead (don’t worry, there are plenty of amazing camp options available for different schedules, themes and ages).

For the Pool Membership, this one is pretty easy. But if you put it off, as I did last year, you might miss out on the ability to have a summer pool membership, and be limited to the option of daily passes. With last year’s repeat thunder rolls, which requires that everyone clear the pool for 30 minutes, it can make paying a day-pass disheartening if you need to leave the pool as soon as you paid for your family to get in and wait 30 minutes (BTW, this thunder policy is the same at any pool, including Beacon’s River Pool and All Sport). And maybe another 30 minutes if another rumble of thunder happens. With the Pool Membership, no need to scrape together the dollars each time.

Register Here and Stay Connected

The link to register with the Beacon Recreation Department is here:

The Beacon Recreation Department is here to help if you need it: “If you have any trouble creating an account, or need assistance during this process, please stop by the Recreation Center at 23 West Center Street Monday-Friday between 9am and 2pm and we will help you get your account set up!”

To get alerts directly from the Beacon Recreation Department, be sure you’re subscribed their newsletter. You can subscribe to the Beacon Recreation newsletter here.

Upcoming Beacon Recreation Registration Dates

Oh man! Looks like the Pool Passes already opened! Better register online quick!

  • February 11- Beacon Pool Passes

  • March 11- Camp @ the Camp

  • April 3- After School session 4