Beacon Players’ Beauty and the Beast Was Over The Top Good - Here Are Some Pictures


It is hard not to cover every performance from the Beacon Players, the Beacon High School Drama and Theater Arts organization that brings together students who share a passion for theater and performing arts. A Little Beacon Blog is a sponsor every year in their playbill, and every year we’re amazed with the quality of the production. Remember Peter Pan, when Peter and Wendy really did fly across the stage? Surely you saw the Chorus Line.

In case you didn’t get to see the most recent show over the weekend, we are bringing to a wider audience these photos from the Beacon Players’ Instagram, that give you a glimpse of what the show was like, and the range of what students get to experience while putting on the show.

beauty and the beast belle.jpeg
beauty and the beast.jpeg


Usually people think of the actors when they think of aligning with a theater group, but there are other creative parts of the crew that they can be a part of. Like the Costume Department, and the Pit Orchestra. Pictured here are five members of the orchestra, who make the music happen.

Beacon Players Are All Ages

beauty and the beast younger company.jpeg

One might assume that all of the participants are in high school, but really, all ages are involved. Pictured here is the “younger company,” who rehearse alongside the big kids for their parts in the show.

How To Get Involved

If you’re a business or an individual, you can sponsor a show. Email to be put on their list when they are reaching out for playbill ads. You can also sponsor a seat.

Watch this space for any summer camp or meetup opportunity the Beacon Players put on. Meanwhile, many summer opportunities are here in A Little Beacon Blog’s Summer Camp Guide.