Beacon First Responders and Citizens Remember the Fallen on September 11, 2016

Citizens and first responders gather to remember the heroism put forth by those who run into danger.
Photo Credit: Screenshot from the Beacon "9-11" Ceremony 2016.

On the morning of Sunday, September 11, 2016, Beacon residents gathered with first responders to remember the day 15 years ago when our country experienced one of the most devastating attacks on the people of our nation and those visiting from other countries.

The small gathering was held in front of a piece of steel beam from the World Trade Center towers, in the park across from the Beacon High School track, on the corners of Verplanck and N. Cedar Street (as it turns into Matteawan Road). Mayor Randy Casale spoke to remember the day, the lives lost, and the "ones who are still hurting, either on a personal level or with a sickness related to this incident." Fire trucks parked along Verplanck to frame the scene.

The Chief of the Beacon Fire Department spoke, recalling the "beautiful, sunny day" of that September 11th 15 years ago, and what happened that morning. He spoke to the safety that existed in our lives that day, and how that feeling of safety changed forever. "When the 911 dispatcher call goes out [to the responders], that is in the back of our minds. 'What is this incident going to be? Will it be a terrorist attack?'" The Chief concluded by remembering the heroes that were lost and made that day.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from the Beacon "9-11" Ceremony 2016.

The City of Beacon produced an 11-minute video of the ceremony, book-ended with images from the day, including symbols of wreckage that are stationed here in Beacon. Watch it during any moment of quiet in your day.

Many of Beacon's first responders in the fire department and ambulance corps are volunteers. You can donate at any time to them by responding to mailings to your home, or by calling them to see the best way to send a donation.

Donations to the Fire Department can be sent to:
City of Beacon Fire Department
Fire Department
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