Announcing Babysmush: It's A Boy!

Hello from the land of New Baby!

As you may know, for the past nine months I've been pregnant. That has meant many changes, like no jogging outside (I know some people can continue, but I did not), buying clothes on Main Street (a pretty fun "must," and you'd be surprised at just how many stretchy outfits can be discovered at Style Storehouse, Lauren and Riley, Bellus on Main, Mountain Tops, and Echo), and growing the team at A Little Beacon Blog in order to publish articles, keep up with Things To Do dates, and book and run The Space

I've been keeping an eye on things from this little Baby Bubble, and one cannot go off the grid for long without a lineup of news that needs to get written about! So you'll be seeing articles here sporadically or in blitzes, depending on how the schedule (and baby naps) go. Meanwhile, there have been some Frequently Asked Questions:

What hospital did you use?

Hudson Valley Hospital, or New York Presbyterian in Peekskill. My early care was at the Beacon Community Health Center, and that was a dream boat. For my first two kids, I insisted on going into NYC because I liked my doctor so much, but the midwives here at the Community Center were awesome. Also awesome was the whirlpool tub at the hospital - it gave instant pain relief from the nerve pain I was having in my hips from the baby's position. Every hospital should have them!   

Are you having twins? 

On my first day out of the hospital, as I was getting my dignity back at Waddle n Swaddle (OMG, this store was not here when I first moved here, with my other little babies! This shop is a life saver for nursing moms who need special clothes!), I was asked by a man if I was having twins. Too tired to answer with something witty, I ignored him. That's not the first time a man has shouted the twins comment (They do that... They tend to shout the twins question). Even though I have post-baby belly, it is not twins size, so now I know that these men just do this to be rude. Grrrr. Undeterred, another man in the grocery store asked when I was due, to which I answered "It already happened," which he didn't understand and asked again. So I've just been hanging at home in the Baby Bubble bouncing between my other kids and doctor appointments.

Are you working? Are you on maternity leave? 

So, funny thing about that... Because I created this business, it's fun for me to do. Doctors' orders were for me to rest, but that's hard for me, and the only way to get me to sit down to "rest" is to let me work on the computer. So yes, I am working. But running the ship are Marilyn (Editor of Things To Do In Beacon Guides, Kate Rabe (Office Manager aka A Little Beacon Bulldog), Allie Bopp (designer of Guides, Event Manager of Pop-Up Shops), Leigh Baumann (photographer and designer of ads and of websites we produce at InHouse Design Media), and Ashley Cox in my Tin Shingle world.

How Is Life With 3 Kids?

So far so good! I was told that the older ones would help, and so far that has been true - to the extent that kids help in Kid Land. For instance, my little dude carried the Diaper Station Bin from his room to mine to do a refill of Mommy's Diaper Station, and tried to fit all of the diapers into a smaller box. But heck, I got that refill after all!