A Love Letter to Beacon From A Reader: "I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BEACON!!!"


Sometimes readers write in to share their thoughts. Sometimes they want driving directions. Sometimes they want to hear a tie-breaker as to which bridge they should take to get here, and what they should do if they can only spend two hours in Beacon as a pit stop on the way to somewhere else (of course we point them to The Things To Do In Beacon Guides for easy access to everything).

But something in this particular reader's letter felt very crisp and fresh, and she gave us permission to reprint it here. Her language has been preserved to convey the enthusiasm, but edits have been made where a word needed capitalization for easier reading:

Architectural Digest named Beacon one among 15 most beautiful Main Streets. Only East Coast contender!!! And very well deserved. It’s breathtaking!

I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ BEACON!!! What a shiny pearl!!! Driving down Main Street in one direction=the wide and scintillating Hudson River. Driving in the other direction=a wall of verdant green mountain! Gorgeous! Brattleboro, Vermont, got nothing on you, pretty Main Street of Beacon!!! Can’t wait to visit again n explore more n more n more. Plus, cool vibe. ENJOY!!!!!

I asked her what brought her to Beacon, wondering if it was the Architectural Digest article?

I wanted to explore Hudson Valley. I’d been to White Plains many times years ago n once to Troy n Albany. Wasn’t impressed. I guess there’s a lot of press on Hudson Valley now. Maybe it was the HBO show “Girls” where they travel north from the city? Beacon is right by the Hudson River n same trip visited Sleepy Hollow too. But Beacon by far was the star!!! Main Street is so long. The river so wide but really the mountain is most impressive. It’s instant falling in love. You drive Main Street once n you’re ready to pick up roots n retire to Beacon forever. It really made my❤️ sing! Cold Spring was ok too but not nearly as picturesque. AND THAT MAGAZINE AGREES! Of all East Coast, only Beacon rated a shout out!

I visit Brattleboro occasionally—it’s only 1.5 hrs from Hartford. The mountain is pretty but the CT River is just a trickle up there. So Beacon wins again.

To illustrate this article, I stepped outside to take a picture of Main Street facing the mountain. I took a moment to look at the mountain to angle out the shot, not intending to cross the street. When I finished deciding where I was going to take the picture, I looked behind me before crossing the street, and a Fire Department vehicle had been waiting patiently for me to cross. I hadn't realized I was standing close enough to the sidewalk to activate someone to wait, and appreciated the gesture. This type of action could be why our reader hearts Beacon so much.

PS: We love Cold Spring! Not to worry, neighbors. We also have mad love for all of the other cities and towns mentioned here. One of the best aspects of Hudson Valley life is the way we all work together here; we all love experiencing the best that each locale has to offer.