A Little Beacon Space Is Open!


Oh my gosh, y'all! I'm not even Southern, but I lived there for a bit and I know what that phrase means when spoken by someone very excited: A Little Beacon Space is open. What is A Little Beacon Space? It's the office headquarters of A Little Beacon Blog and Tin Shingle, but I couldn't just have an office and an overhead because what fun is that? It's an interactive extension of A Little Beacon Blog that can bring in the community for special events planned by us, or planned by you! This office is in the heart of Beacon's Main Street, one of the areas of Main Street that is currently defining itself, at 291 Main St. in The Telephone Building. With such a vibrant city, I wanted to be part of Main Street, one of the shop owners, feeling the pulse of the city.

Having a space like this at 291 Main Street was never on my radar as a goal. Yes, I did and do have secret Plan B-type dreams of opening an ice cream parlor, or buying a nail salon and making it awesome. Interestingly, each of my marketing plans for those Plan B dreams involved hosting special events in those spaces to help bring people in.

With a little help from many friends, team members and supporters, A Little Beacon Space is open inside of A Little Beacon Blog's Main Street headquarters. I'm so excited to share this wonderful Telephone Building with so many other people producing unique things with their unique skill sets. The excitement is contagious: Here's a picture of the folks at Home Depot, taking it upon themselves to build me a sandwich board after they heard how I wanted to construct it (meaning, my version would have flown away in the wind).

Booking A Little Beacon Space

Different people and groups can rent this space for a workshop, event, pop-up, photo shoot, and many other things I haven't mentioned here but would love to hear from you about. Many thanks to photographer Jackie Foley, who took professional pictures of different aspects of the space. She was our first customer when she booked the space for the day to conduct a portrait session.


We had the great fortune of being featured in the Highlands Current earlier when the local networking group, HV Women in Business, hosted a meetup.

Curated Pop-Up Events at A Little Beacon Space

Sometimes, we make up our own events and host them in the space. You can always find the schedule of all events here. This weekend includes two of them! Spooky Parent/Child Yoga, and Kitchen Cuts, which was included in the Calendar at the Highlands Current! P.S.: Huge congratulations to The Incline Railway for their award.

Come to parent/child yoga with us this Saturday from 9:30 am to 10:15 am. Only seven spots left!

Then stop in and say "hi" during the Kids' Hocus Pocus Parade, where we'll be giving little kids $16 haircuts and $1 face painting. Proceeds from the face painting go to the Beacon elementary schools, where we are working on a donation to the teachers for all of the art supplies they buy for our kids for day-to-day projects.

And then on Tuesday, pop in to do a quick 30-minute workout with us. Don't worry - you can come dressed for the day and get right back into your work clothes from your work-out clothes. Led by professional athlete Jane Savage of Savage Health, the idea is to get your blood flowing to inspire great ideas during your day.

Then in November, join us if you want to get your finances in order: Galia Gichon, one of my favorite people in finance who works with creative types, gives an interactive seminar on Personal Finance Planning for Creatives, Entrepreneurs & Artists. If you have some plans, no plans, or want a checkup, this seminar will make getting your house in order easier and more attainable.

Thank you so much for you support thus far. Only in Beacon could this business have been crafted this way. It's an inspiring city to grow a business in. See you soon!