The Back Story on the Artist Taking Over the Back Room Gallery

When space opens up on Main Street, it's a dreamer's paradise and there's sometimes a silent run to see who will fill it, and with what. The gallery formerly known as Back Room Gallery, at 475 Main Street, which used to show 30 artists and had a secret back room that wasn't much talked about in recent times, has a new artist completely filling the space - and hopefully using the mystical back room.

When friends of Bedford, New York, native Jeffrey Terreson bought the building that houses the gallery, they invited him to fill the space with a Pop-Up gallery takeover from June 23 to September 25. Terreson's paintings hang on the walls of IBM, NBC and other establishments, and have been included in curated shows and
several homes that owners or interior designers have fashioned. The Opening Premiere of Terreson Beacon will be on Thursday, June 23rd, a common weeknight for gallery openings.

But even more traditional in Beacon is Second Saturday, and Jeffrey will be in the space, measuring the walls that night for some of his larger works to fit through the door, and you are encouraged to come in and say hi. That's right - he has paintings that were 10 feet tall - "were" being the key word here. The door to this gallery is 8 feet tall, which is still very tall for a normal storefront door. When you do stop into this gallery to take a #behindthescenes peek, do look up at the top of the door as you open it. It's really tall! But not tall enough for a 10-foot painting, which Jeffrey had to get trimmed down.

The painting of this horse hangs first, as a welcome and representation of what more is to fill the gallery. Known for his series on horses, but not limited to them, Luxequestrian notes this about Terreson's style: "It is his abstraction - paired with dynamic color, texture, and light - that best describes his method of conveying the spirit of horses."

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The back room of the gallery formerly known as The Back Room Gallery is breathtaking. Pictured here are Terreson and his daughter. (She's also an artist, studying painting in California and how it can contribute to social movements.) This room of the gallery may be used as Terreson's live studio where he will be in Beacon, painting.

"I am inspired by the things I don’t see, including its revelation in the processes I have yet to discover."

 - Jeffrey Terreson

Terreson makes his own materials to create with, gaining inspiration from what is around him, artists he admires, and using different materials within his paint. around him. This raw space on Main Street next to the Howland Cultural Center will be just that place for him, with revealed brick walls quite unlike we are used to seeing when reading real estate listings.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 23, 2016 for Terreson's opening in Beacon at 475 Main Street. Follow Jeffrey on Instagram and Facebook for his latest developments. Meanwhile, pop your head in this Second Saturday, where he will be setting up shop... or, shall we say, setting up studio?